Best Friend II

F and i have decided to call my “newly self-appointed best friend” V.I.P instead. We are both excited for his arrival because it’ll make things rather exciting… and funny.

He hasn’t messaged me anymore and i was just asking Fad why my “best friend” isn’t keeping in touch with me, maybe i should have replied with a recipe of my own.. maybe chicken rice, and then F suggested, while at it, i should test him “if a guest wants to buy chicken rice here, where can a guest go?”

Today we received news that we will have a new staff on board next week.. As i was late, i didn’t really get the news but my fellow makjujat girl friend F, did. And she looked so excited when she relayed the news to me. (i think she is more excited about it than anyone else.. it’s strange.. she also really likes weird people.. when it’s happening to someone else)

So when the manager announced we have a new member next week, F was praying to please let it be “VIP”, *drum rolls* it is VIP. So when i walked in the room she was mouthing really exaggeratedly to me and i didn’t understand how to read lips.. she was straining so hard to make me understand until she looked like she was about to get a stroke any moment, so i got exasperated and just said loudly “WHAT? huh??”

So yeah.

Things are about to get exciting.

Just in case anyone’s wondering, no my VIP was a no show on my previous post and he stopped messaging me. Until today.. he just said he was joining us next week.

And he told me “thanks for your tips, u are awesome!” Thats nice. Even my sisters have never told me i’m awesome (you better start, sisters.. lookin at’chu)

He’s really super enthusiastic and he has memorized almost all the important places and areas. Just wow. Star performer alert.




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