Best friend

So i’m actually still pretty new here, right?

A month ago, i directed this guest to our recruitment centre as he wanted to apply for a job as a concierge as well. I suspect he’s gay, but that is beside the point. Everyone is gay nowadays. It doesn’t matter.

At first, he was friendly, normal looking.. normal sounding.. just friendly and enthusiastic. You know.. like a normal person. But i realize.. when you deal with people, nobody is normal, or maybe it’s just me who usually attracts weird people.

So anyway, this guy came back again just yesterday, hung around a bit as i was directing other guests and smiled from afar, and i recognized him so i called him over and asked how was the interview? did he get the job?

He said he did, he will be starting soon but is unsure when.

He then told me to keep in touch as he wanted to learn all the tips and tricks of memorizing all 200 over shops (i don’t memorize, and i’m a terrible concierge sometimes.. but i enjoy being entertained by strangers and their weird ways, it’s like cinema. I always make it a point to sneak two drinks and some snacks to the counter and enjoy the show)

He asked me general questions about the job, colleagues.. actually come to think of it, it was pretty prying since he isn’t technically a staff yet.. but i’m just helpful and didn’t see any harm in helping someone as enthusiastic as that.

We chatted, and as i thought he was okay and normal, i agreed to exchange numbers, since he will be my colleague.

The weirdness was gradual..

First, when he texted me it started out as a question of Oringe, my late cat, since he is my profile pic for whatsapp, he then shared stories about his hamster and all.. More questions about the job.. which i soon found to be annoying (because i just hate phones) I was like, why can’t you just wait till you’re hired then you can learn all these things, you’re gonna be taught it anyway, i’m just wasting my time and yours.

It’s gratifying that he actually did take my advice about memorizing the corner landmark shops first and the F&B outlets.. but i don’t know. It’s just like he’s messaging too much and being weird and trying to keep a convo going (when i just want to end it, i really hate phones, if not for having a boyfriend, i will not have a phone, i swear)

He first complimented saying i had a nice voice and smile. Then he said “you’re a nice person.. i can feel it” (um wtf bro?) and then after i didn’t reply for awhile, he out of the blue sent a text of a recipe for Iced Ginger Tea Latte and told me it was good if you were bloated and it’ll make you gas. Then he also out of the blue said “If you need a friend i am here for you Asfa.. Have a nice and beautiful day..”

He keep sending me quotes about friendship and he also appointed himself as my best friend.

Keeping in mind, i really don’t know this person much.

When i showed the texts to my good friend at work, F, she laughed her head off.

This person said he’s dropping by today and will visit me. I don’t know how i feel about this. Why do i always get the weird ones?

We’ll see if he manages to find me today.

Note to Mr Softie: Please don’t launch into Code Red after reading this.. he’s harmless and just a lonely person i think.


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