Enjoy a little drink of perfume for lunch

So yesterday i was stationed at one of the slightly bigger counters, we call them the “main” counters.. where we do phone charging services as well. This main counter happens to have three tester bottles of one of the high end perfumes from one of our retailers with a small stack of introductory cards. I presume this is to drive the little people who ask questions (or don’t ask.. or those who try these testers out) to that particular shop.

Do i think this is working?

Non. I do not.

This shop is wasting their products.. and why? because most people don’t even care that there are little note cards describing the product and the shop. A regular day would see passersby just shamelessly pumping the overpriced hand lotion and rubbing it all over themselves like it’s Johnson’s baby lotion, and/or spraying a cloud of the sickly sweet smelling perfumes on themselves without knowing where it’s from nor do they care. They just know that it’s there at the counter and it’s free.

Yesterday happened to be one of those days. This story happened in the morning.

Two girls approached my counter, from afar, already eyeing the pretty tester bottles hungrily. One was pudgy and had  wildly colored, streaked long hair (we’re talking frizzy, all over the place, with streaks of purple, teal, yellow and pink) and was wearing a weird getup of matchy purple, what looks like an apron stretched tight across her big belly and a stretchy long sleeved material under it, paired with purple tight pants. I couldn’t decide if she was cosplaying or not.. i don’t recall a character that looks like a cross between barney and a Pokemon Snorlax before.. but what do i know. She probably never took fashion advice seriously.



Anyhoo. Her friend, on the other hand, looked completely normal and contrasted strongly in comparison. Her friend sported black hair cut into a bob, and wore a cable knit tank top and black pants.

As they approached, i stood up (as is required by my job) and greeted them, Purple’s eyes snapped to me and i got a disconcerting feeling there’s something wrong with this one. She never took her eyes off me nor did either of them replied my greeting (sheesh. rudeness) I was just wowed by her.. um, flamboyant sense of fashion that i just stared back, fascinated.

They then started going crazy with the testers and were pumping the hand lotion out as if they had 6 hands instead of just 2, and Cable Knit was like spraying a huge disgustingly sweet cloud around her. I backed off.

Then, Pudgy grabbed one of the bottles from Cable Knit, stuck out her tongue and sprayed 4 long puffs at her tongue and in her face.

I was internally screaming and freaking out, but outwardly, i smiled politely. Afterall, there were no rules saying you cant spray the perfume in your face, that i could stop them.

Cable Knit looked at her as if this was a normal occurrence and squawked “haha!! tasty!!”

Just then, another guest came to my counter to ask me for directions and, she too, stared at Pudgy And Friend with eyes full of judgement and started fanning away the thick scent with a brochure, she fake-coughed, gave them filthy looks for good measure and made a show of moving away (without actually leaving the counter) from the two freaks.

Both of them, in mid-spray, looked at the new guest, sprayed one last time on themselves (as for Pudgy, one small puff in her face) and waddled away.

The guest looked questioningly at me, with eyes begging for an answer of what just happened.

I didn’t have an answer, so i just smiled, again, like it was a regular occurrence (it will be, bet this isn’t the end) and just directed her where she wanted to go.

p/s: we have a shoe shop which thrives on killing animals for skin to make shoes.. they have kangaroo, ostrich, calf (and more).. it’s disgusting. I will never promote that shop in my recommendations, be sure of that.


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