Tonight is a crazy night..

So many stupid questions, even for my fellow good girlies F & N.. so much so that we are going for a much needed Macdonalds binge later. The past two days have been fantastically full of irritating people.. maybe it’s Idiots Day Out or Idiots Week or something.. but something’s up.

I need my Tamago with egg. I deserve it.

A story from my dear friend N:

A customer approaches her counter, not speaking english well. S/he demanded for “toys”.. she thought toys for kids, so she directed to Basement 1. The person kept on yelling at her “toys!! toysss… TOYS”..

In the end, what the person wanted was a toilet.

I rest my case.

I’ll be back with some of my own.

2 hours more till my Tamago.


p/s: i dont know how much more interest they want me to show in this job? If i showed any more interest i would have a stroke because of all the enthusiasm i would be displaying. this is saying something.

Oh. And they punish us by removing chairs. That’s just awesome.. not. You know what would be a good olympic sport? Women. Running in high heels.


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