You must know: electrical shaver

So everyday at work we usually start our shifts with briefings, just so we know what is going on throughout the whole property, what kind of promotions some shops are having.. or what events are going on in the expo right now, or if they’re having idiot sacrificing rituals, where can we direct guests to. We gotta know all these. So i understand.

And every morning we also have quizzes. They will randomly ask random questions you are least expecting, much like how customers usually are, so i guess they just want us better prepared. Pity they didn’t include a question where one can get two dong balls, else i would have been fully expecting that question and directing the customer as if i buy that shit regularly and wholesale them to boot.

In any case, today’s quiz was also least expected. Simple, but least expected.

Supervisor: So.. today’s quiz.. ‘Where can you buy electrical shavers’? Let’s see *rubs hands together like you would on a game show*.. Mary! (names have been changed) any idea?

Mary: *monotonously* Guardian.. and Watson.

Supervisor: Very good! Did you peep last night at the quiz?

Mary: *glumly* No.

Supervisor: I see.. yes! So yes.. these two shops do carry electrical shavers.. this is very, very, very important ya.. you will be asked this question alot and you must know where you can direct them to.

Apparently electrical shavers are just so damn irresistable, people actively seek it.

I was just staring at my supe blankly.. i mean, are you sure i will be asked this a lot? I never thought i would.. it’s kind of a personal question isn’t it?

The kind of question you ask behind a computer screen.. or sort of figure it out yourself, i mean, i have never had the burning urge to ask anyone that question. ever. I guess i’m finding this alarming since i’ll be.. i imagine.. swarmed by a horde of hairy people all looking for an electric shaver because a non-electric one doesn’t do the job.

I imagine a lot of message boards discussing electrical shavers, and blogs dedicated to them and even blog reviews (umm, can you imagine? ‘I found that this brand of electrical shaver wasn’t as good and it left patches of hair and i  couldn’t make patterns with it. disappointing.. do not buy!’) Actually on second thoughts.. maybe this is already being done and i just have been living under a rock.

Well.. I’m just waiting for my breaktime now.. and i’ll be having Mr Max Brenner tonight with my two favourite work nuts ! I promise pictures. 🙂

Till the next post.

*puffy hugs*


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