Beach bummer

Beach day today (for him.. I am generally not really a sun, sand and sea person, I do enjoy the idea of a beach day, mostly I enjoy the sun if I’m indoors cos it looks lovely and cheerful, and for the kitties they love sunning themselves on sunny days, and a lot of nice seaside breeze.. That’s what I like most. No sand though please)

But yeah.

Anyway we were stuck sitting on our mat beside a group of Asians (our locals) who talk like the stereotypical American valley girl.

“.. And I was like.. And then she was like.. Like oh my GAWD, and then he was like.. ”


Yeah. So like, that’s like how my day was today, like.. I know right? *twirls a strand of hair*



We also watched The Maze Runner, and I really like the movie. It was so action packed and I was just grabbing Mr Softy’s collar or sleeves the whole time trying to root for Thomas (cutie alert!) to quickly get himself out of that shit. So yeah. Recommended.

Tomorrow is a new work day. I got new really low priced heels to go with my super stylish (not) corporate looking uniform. Whoopdee doo!

K nights. I’m supposed to be asleep 2 hours ago.


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