a little peek in a concierge’s day

Journal Entry: 13th September 2014

Shift: PM

Deployment: My favorite counter.

2pm: Just received an email memo saying they are giving new member sign ups a free gift. Oooh! Exciting, what is it? As i further read the email, my chirpiness slides away to be replaced with a sour taste in my mouth. The free gift is a freaking selfie stick (aka monopod?) This is the best period to beat the crap out of every idiotic person with the godforsaken selfie stick. “Afternoon sir, i’m sorry? you would like to join the membership? let me just get the free gift for you, i’m sorry, i meant on you” *starts losing her shit and pounding hard everything in her way with the stick*

I really, really, really hate the damn selfie sticks now. I didn’t use to, but it really freaking annoys the hell out of me right now. I dearly wish for nothing else than to concuss the user with it. kbyethx.

2.30pm: I think i just saw a really, really beautiful oriental girl wearing a really cute lime dress, ooh, i wonder where she got it! let’s see, hair, is on point, check! make up, simple, clean and minimal, check! dress is UGH TOO CUTE, gold accented accessories, god i love your style.. shoes.. white….and.. furry? no.. no, no, no, NO, it can’t be.. what is that? bedroom slippers?

She is wearing bedroom slippers.. around the mall. In a cute dress. I just.. can’t. Where are these people from?

3pm: A four-person indian family, consisting of parents in law, husband and wife and a small child in a pram stopped by my counter. The dad was pushing the pram. He then asked me some questions and didnt pay attention to the kid, who then flopped over. Literally just flopped forwards (i don’t know how the kid did that but he was just flopped over to the front like a sock puppet) The mom, from afar rushed to the pram and shouted “Ari?!” and helped the kid up, proceeding to give the father a disbelieving “how could you do this to our child?!” look. He just continued with his questions.

Then, the in laws came by and wanted to squeeze past the pram to walk, and the mom-in-law just pushed the pram sideways (with the now straightened, un-flopped kid still sitting on it) and it nearly toppled on it’s side and the mom, again, shrieked in horror. This family is a wreck.

I mean wtf is wrong with this family honestly? So many things! The worst is that the dad (who didn’t pay attention to the child’s floppiness) and the parents (who sorta rammed the pram sideways) seemed completely unconcerned. I worry for the child..


8pm: A lesbian couple approaches my counter, one of the partner, with a  boy’s haircut and spectacles was representing the pair.

Butch: is there the water playing?

Me: If you mean the light and water show, yes. it’s playing right now..

Butch: now?

Me: *nods*

Butch: now??

Me: *nods*

Butch: now!?

bitch get the fug outta my face and just get out and watch the damn show. *rubs temples*

9pm: This white man, probably in his mid or late 40s approaches my counter. He has been coming to my counter asking for directions to the same location three times now even after very detailed instructions. So this fourth time, after i have explained to him yet again (*theapplestar then starts frothing at the mouth*) i noticed he was checking out my nametag and he wasn’t really paying attention. He just looks at me funnily and asks me curiously “Where are you from?” I replied “Here. I’m from here..” (excuse you, you’re the tourist, shouldn’t *I* be asking where are YOU from, here?) He just gave me that “really?!” look but still didn’t seem like he was gonna leave. Since it was idle at the counter, i just asked why.
He said “it’s your accent.. it’s.. it’s very good..”

So my question is, IF MY ACCENT IS SO GOOD WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE ASKING ME STUPID QUESTIONS. goddammit people, THREE TIMES! three times and you still can’t find your way to the theaters?

I just laughed and said thanks though. For the record, i don’t have an accent. I think he meant i sound very local? or very melayu maybe? I don’t know. He looked like he wanted to ask me some more questions, but then i got swarmed again by poor lost souls who can’t find their way around. Thank god.

9.45pm: A group of five, mixture of chinese and americans came to the counter, one of them, the american woman seemed so ready to make life difficult for me.

Chinese guy: So where is this brazillian churrascaria place?

Me: Let me just draw you a map..

American woman: what? you mean you can’t just point it out for us?

Me: I could, but it’s easier this way *ignores her and starts directing both with my hands and also on the map, as is required by my job*

Chinese guy: You also have the italian japanese eating place? where is that?

Me: Yes.. it’s also nearby, over here *circles the location on the map* and hand-directs to the other side

American woman: *nastily* you said that side is the churrascaria, WHERE. IS. THE. ITALIAN. JAPANESE? (she enunciated in staccato)

Ok, this foolish person is obviously not listening and is just trying to be a bitch, i don’t know what her problem is. Maybe she has a superiority complex or something. She’s just coming on too strong and rubbing me the wrong way.

Me: I just mentioned just now, it’s over here *stabs the map with my pen*

The group then starts discussing where to eat between the two.

American woman: is the churrascaria any good?

Me: I haven’t personally tried, but it smells really good.

American woman: it whats?

Chinese friend: She says it smells really good. Ok! we’ll decide later! thanks for your help!

And the group moved off. Yes, before i become violent and stab my pen through her neck. Thanks.

-The End-

So that would be a little peek, all is based on true events. There are some assholes.. and the weirds.. and then mostly, i enjoy the interactions because most of the people there are nice and are just there to have a good time.. So yeah.

Well! goodbyeeee

Till the next post. kisskiss.


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