where can i get some dong balls?

Journal Entry on September 9th, 2014:

Time: 2PM
Location: Concierge Counter Basement 2, near the food area.

A caucasian man approached the counter, smiling slightly. I smile back and greeted him warmly

Me: Good afternoon, how are you? *blink blink*

Customer: Hi, im good thanks, just want to inquire, where can i get those jiggle balls…. dong balls..? those two balls you sort of rub them together in one hand ? *demonstrates in one hand rather obscenely* My wife told me i had to get those. (bet she did you dirty.. you..)

*stares expectantly at me*

Erm.. i don’t know about you.. but, i dont know what dong balls are, they sound pretty R rated? So.. i asked my colleagues on the walkie.

Me: *clears throat* “ahem, uhh, anyone knows where to get.. uh.. um, do–st..stress balls?

*2 seconds of silence*

Unidentified Colleague: *inaudible* “porn shop..”

Excuse me? Did i hear correctly? Or is my right ear acting up? We all know i’m partially deaf.

Me:  *flabbergasted* Um.. what?

*another 4 ticks of silence as the customer continues staring at me hoping i myself would pop up with two dong balls as requested*

Unidentified Colleague: “.. stress balls?”

Me: yes… stress balls..

Unidentified Colleague: “you can try direct to Osim or World of Sports?”

Both of which i doubt they have the damn balls.. but anything to get rid of this freak. So i sent him off on his merry way.

p/s: an updated make up routine up next! eek! much excite! very adorbs, so benefit!


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