“I’m looking for the Pepperway?”


A big PRC family with their Head Twit walking ahead of them approaches me rather arrogantly. He had not a single inch of manners about him and i just foresee a story i could blog.. True enough:

Looking at me down the length of his nose (he wasn’t tall, so i don’t know what’s the head doing so high up for, maybe he had a kink at the back of his neck..)

*in his nasally voice* “I’m looking for the Pepperway?”

– .. Good afternoon to you, the what?


*both of us stare at each other for two long seconds*

– I’m sorry? (i’m starting to live up to my name meaning as pointed out by the arab in a previous post)

*loud TSK & shoves a map & shop listing at me and stabbing the (apparently) Pepperway out to me*

“the PEPPERWAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY” *continues stabbing the shop name on the listing*

Me: *stares at the name Burberry & feels the need to throw myself off the 57th storey of the next building because i am just so done with this world*

6:54 PM:

A well dressed local gay man approaches me:

“Where’s the BV?”

– huh? (at this point im just really done with stupid questions and am ready to pack up and go home)


– uh.. what’s the name? full name? it’s a brand?

“yah, it’s Bot.. something.”

– Bottega Venetta?

“yah..” (he finds that difficult to pronounce? he should have the confidence of Mr Herms i encountered previously)

– Okay.. one floor down, on your left..

“Oh.. where?”

– One floor down.. this escalator.. it’ll be on your left..

“where? are you sure? one floor down?”

– Just go down here.. (goddammit)

” I don’t see it! it’s two storeys right? why can’t i see?!”

– It’s two levels at B1 and B2.. (and you can’t see because you’re still standing here right infront of me, you silly man, you..)

[theapplestar finally combusts into a million tiny pieces and they float infront of his face forming the glittering words s-t-u-p-i-d]


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