Pretty Zombie lipstick and other personal updates..


Yesterday night some of my previous primary school people created a whatsapp group chat and it’s been crazy since. Phone has been beeping non stop (uh, who says “beeping ” anymore, what is this, stone age?) buzzing, i meant buzzing. And it’s really entertaining as we all seem to, as i imagine us to be in a small crowded room, each one of us bumping blindly into one another and be like ‘Eh, who is 8456..oh! you! yo bro! *chest bump*’

I would very much like a little reunion, it’d be so interesting and funny. And difficult. Considering my lack of social skills.. but i feel a sort of weird affection for these people, plus, i wouldn’t want to miss the chance to observe everyone. It’d be interesting. Very Awks,.. but interesting.

Anyway, I have just ordered my very own Pretty Zombie lipsticks in 3 Witches and Potion #9 (photos respectively) today!

3 Witches
Potion #9

And i cannot wait for them to arrive i am so looking forward to wearing them out.

If you’re keen on having them yourselves, please check out their website at They are a vegan lipstick brand and no animal testing whatsoever, unlike Lime Crime, who have been falsely claiming and marketing themselves (just like Revlon whom i stopped buying from), which i really don’t trust so no matter how their velvetines scream to me, how beautiful they look, i will never voluntarily hand my money over to them.

There is something called integrity, and i hate companies who boldly LIE to a consumer. I would rather they just baldly put that they are testing on animals or have animal ingredients (like L’oreal and Maybelline etc, they do it without shame), so i know to avoid them accordingly. I prefer that. I hate being lied to.

So yeah! Enough rant, this is my current obsession: Pretty Zombie lippies. 😀

Umm… i’m not sure if these colors are suitable for work? So.. i’ll probably just wear them on offdays 😉 and according to outfits.

Some pictures from a little date i had with friends recently; we went to High Society for a catch up and some snacks. Gorgeous ‘atas’ environment, love the atmosphere, plus it’s dim. i like tempat gelap-gelap *creep face*. so yah, the place suits me just fine!

(photo credits to cosmickisses/Fadillah)



We ordered the:

-French fries with truffle aioli

-Strawberry cheesecake?

-Hot chocolate drink

IMG-20140807-WA0006I should have taken my own pictures but i am really very rusty when it comes with the camera now. But i really should, we’re planning to go TWG next so maybe more pictures then?

IMG-20140807-WA0012A nice gelap picture of us.

And then the other day i had a decent face so i took selfies. On other days (especially off days) i look like Smeagol from LOTR.. and i’m not even kidding.

But magically with make up and since it was a, i deduced a very rare good make up day, i must document it:

photo (2)featuring:

-NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk for the waterline

-NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Cottage Cheese for inner corners of the eyes

-NYX pencil eyeliner for waterline

-Catrice Cosmetics mascara + Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara layered on.

And lastly..

– Sephora Cream Lip Stain (I believe it’s the Strawberry Kissed shade..)

Till tomorrow! :-*


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