“Do you have a crow?”

Ah, it’s a cool Thursday night and i am stationed at the quietest counter of all. Most of my colleagues like this spot, i however am not really a happy camper. For one, the computer here, although has very nice crispy and solid old school PC keyboard,  it has a spoilt monitor that i can’t adjust the brightness of, and right now it’s just glaring brightly at me and causing me semi blindness.

I wish i was at my favourite counter, in the middle of nowhere, with a steady stream of human traffic and endless supply of weirdos.. good laptop, and a fan. Ah well. Maybe tomorrow.

Anyway earlier today i had some japanese guests, we have a lot of japanese people round here.. Some are delightful and adorable, and a smaller number (mostly the men, business-types) can be quite stony-faced or brash. But anyway, the following i am about to write about are a group of four pretty (flower dresses, curled hair and sun hats) and delicate looking ladies..

“Do you have a crow?”

I was busy attending to other guests a split second before and wasn’t settled in yet, so without thinking i replied

“Um, no just cats..” I know. I said that. Who says that? who says that?!

All four of them stared at me blankly. Sensing i’m making a mistake..

Me: Um, how do you spell that?

Her: See-Aitchuu-Elluu-O-Ee (C-H-L-O-E)


Me: Oh! So sorry.. no we don’t.. Here’s a shop listing and  guide..

oh wait, a guest just asked me where is the nearest food court, i directed her to the smaller one so she doesn’t have to walk so far. The mother then asked if that could be called a food court, since, you know.. it’s small. But it’s the nearest, i told her. I know.. i know i am such a thoughtful person. *flicks hair* Anyway, when her little 9 year old brat of a girl said to me in her bratty voice

You need to hurry up! we’ve only got 1/2 an hour!”

I can’t believe she is such a brat. Her mother just looked at her indulgently and i can feel my former genuine smile freezing and about to dangerously slide off my face.. i quickly plastered a new one on.

It is entirely not my problem you have got 1/2 an hour or 100 years, i can promise you that. PARENTS! PLEASE TEACH YOUR KIDS MANNERS. Goodness. *puts a palm delicately on my forehead*


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