“do you have a shop that sells jesus”

I really couldn’t keep this to myself.

This just happened to me:

An indian guest approached my counter.

Me: “Good afternoon! how are you?”

Guest: *thick accent* “Do you sell Jesus here?!”

Me: “i’m sorry..? Jesus?”

Guest: “no!! JEEZUHS!” *spit gathering at the side of his mouth*

Me: *staring at him, bewildered, afraid to respond*
“Um, sorry, again?? or.. do you mind writing  down for me?” *pushing a notepad towards him*

Guest: “JESUS?? you don’t know jesus?!”

Me: “you mean JESUS as in christianity? (“god is everywhere..my son.”)

Guest: *still refusing to write on notepad provided, and instead..:*

“JESUS! JEEZUH!” – now,eyes popping out of his head hysterically and yelling at me, as if trying to exorcise me into sudden understanding.

Me: “errr.. cheezels? im so sorry, i really dont understand you”

Guest: *grabbing pen and notepad and scrawling the word ‘C-H-E-E-Z’ on it*

Me: “OHH. Cheeses???? you want to buy cheese?”

Guest: “YES! That is what i been saying!”

Me: “Cold storage sir..have a good day..”

Miscommunication at it’s finest.

I am ready for my break right now.


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