Stuffs for sale on Carousell :)

I was so busy trying to take pictures of stuff i gathered at home, i would like to sell them. Not much, since i’ve cleared off a lot like a few times every few months previously. Was trying to make space for my books actually.. i only have a little bit of space left and yet i am still hooked on buying and collecting books. It almost feels like i don’t mind going around naked, as long as i have books..


But of course that is not the case.

So here i am, i made an account on Carousell, a mobile app that allows you to snap and load up the photo of your item and then you’re on your way to listing it for sale. It’s pretty cool, and super easy! Had no idea.

Now i’m just going to sit here and wait, wait for someone to give me their money in exchange. Come on people, we can haggle stuff ok, just take these out of my hands.

If you are interested though, you may head over to <<click link>> and take a look at the stuff, if anyone at all is interested, we can agree on a deal. mmkay.


I’ve only got about 20 items for now. So yeah.


Well, bye now.

I’ll just go look up craigslist for book deals.

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