not so fun, a fact.

Just a little not-so-fun fact,

i actually developed, what can only be identified as mild psychological trauma whenever i hear french or british accents ever since i worked at my previous job. Working there made me wary of these people simply because the ones i have encountered (quite a handful of them, month after month after month, sometimes a few times a week) did not give me a positive experience with them. They were always screaming, fighting, trying to bargain, cheating and yelling, staring me down or just giving me a hard time.

I have yet to recover. I am now cautious of them and i actually used to start sweating in the armpits whenever i hear a woman with these accents. My skin would have prickled unpleasantly. I have mild-medium social anxiety and this job probably stripped (haha, no pun intended) whatever self esteem i had.

I know not every brit or french woman is like that, but really, i swear i haven’t met a nice one yet, besides, everyone who goes to the place i worked are morons anyway, and they come in all ethnicity. I’m glad to be out.

But my hatred of people have escalated that much more. I am now an official misanthrope.


2 thoughts on “not so fun, a fact.

  1. We all stereotype in one way or another. We need to liberate ourselves though from such constraint bez if you think abwt it it’s just unfair! I wish you get to meet nice Brits soon!

    1. Yeah, I know, you’re so right. It isn’t fair, I guess it’s pretty traumatising for me to face nasty people for 2 years, Hard not to be a cynic 🙂

      I know where you’re coming from though! And I hope I meet nice people in general! Haha 🙂 thanks for your comment, have a good week!

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