Monsters Underneath

Just thought i’d share a little something private i have written before on a wonderful app called Opuss, where people post wonderful proses and poetry and little blogs or pretty words. It’s a little land i enjoy going to 🙂

So i have written this before, enjoy:

I present to you: Monsters Underneath

Always wonder why it’s always the ‘Face’ value.
What about what’s inside of you? What about the soul?

In the dead of the night she seeks her heart.
Her mind, her soul, her missing part.
she believes this isn’t everything,
And knows that there is more to this.
She refuses to conform and to be mainstream,
But oh the people, they shatter her dream.

At the end of everyday,
She counts her souls,
Those that were still unsplintered,
She wrapped them up in gold.
They were so very precious and breathed hope for her,
All she wishes for is to pursue unhindered.

But life is funny sometimes, the more you desire the greater the obstacles.

What happens to who and what you really are? What defines you or doesn’t?

Or.. What if you don’t even know who that person in the mirror is?

I leave you with this.



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