some nice news for a rainy Friday. Save Seals <3


I’m sure we are all* aware (unless you’ve been living under a rock, are a generally apathetic person, or you have no internet*) of the despicable and unnecessary seal slaughter that is happening in Canada. This is one of those things i feel so strongly about. It’s been going on for years and years now, the first i heard of it was when i was 17 or 18.. i am going on 23 now, and it’s 2014 and you would have thought fur would have gone out of fashion. I mean, bell bottoms of the 80/90s are. Anyway, Murdering seals has a long traditional history and probably first started during the 18th century..

Can we like move on with the programme though and realize that these seals are in great danger of extinction. On top of it, it is cruel and you are actually KILLING literally babies! These are equivalent to toddlers and we are cold heartedly just clubbing them dead. How could you stomach that.

The other day i had the misfortune of clicking on one of Peta2’s investigative video footage of these excuse of human beings dropping down from helicopters and charging at an innocent seal, probably still just a baby, and has just molted his downy white fur (they cannot be clubbed as long as they still have white fur, correct me if im wrong), the seal was trying to run away from the murderer, failing, he was then struck on the head hard with a hakapik. The seal then lay still. I watched the video and saw how it really was, caught on camera.. And i just burst into tears. It was just a 30 second video and 4seconds in, i was already shaking and crying. It was horrible and.. there just wasn’t any word to describe the hate i felt surging through me, for humanity.

I could have just not watched the video, avoided the  video, but i knew deep inside, that no matter how much i want to avoid, it doesn’t stop the fact that this nightmare is happening to an innocent being right here, right now. That is my belief and rationale, you can go about trying to avoid things, facts, reality, but it doesn’t stop the thing you’re avoiding from happening.

“Many seals who are killed are 3 months old or younger. Many have not yet learned how to swim or eaten their first solid meals.
Read more:

So I opened up my email and am pleased to see some good news though, by Humane Society saying that the World Trade Organization (WTO) made a decision to allow and maintain the European Union’s ban on selling products of the commercial seal hunt.
This keeps the EU’s borders closed to commercial seal products, including from Canada. This is one of the most significant developments in the history of our Protect Seals campaign!

The EU ban was put in motion in 2009, and because of it, has actually saved 1.6million baby seals from being killed.

There is still hope.

You can read the good news here.

P/s: i wish could attend the ACRES 2014 Gala Dinner. 😦 It’s $250/person.. Hopefully i live to see it next year and can attend it in 2015. :’)


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