Melody Thornton can sing up a storm.

Hey, psst,

Ya looking for me?

I have been.. *shifts guiltily* been listening to rather old songs (Sean Paul, anyone?).. R&b.. and pussycat dolls. *covers face* today. (don’t judge ok, their songs are super catchy)

So anyway, that is not the point. I just discovered Melody Thornton (ex Pussycat doll) and she’s doing her thang now since the 2010 PCD Split.

And here below is a cover of La Roux’s Bulletproof, and i just died when i heard her voice ok. I am still dead right now, i just got up to post this video up, i will die again in a few min of replaying this.

You *have* to listen to this  cover. Her voice is so powerful, i don’t know what Hollywood is even doing?? She needs to be HUGE. I mean HELLOO?? WHAT THE HELL IS JUSTIN BIEBER??

Please click play and listen to this beauty. (Her makeup looks cute, very drag queen, which i am totes into right now)



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