A quick note of current obsessions

Hayyy gurl, haaay,

Just wanted to put it out there:

i love any response and any suggestions that any of you would like to add on. For example, Chelsey of http://brushesandbronze.wordpress.com/ actually gave look suggestions for the Too Faced A Few of My Favorite Things palette! (she seems like she has a fabulous blog, go check her out), looks i haven’t tried yet and that is VERY FRESH!

So it’s really nice when people give looks suggestions i may not have thought of. I’m not even good at eyeshadows, i just like collecting palettes. Feel free to share whatever looks you like of whatever palette (preferably one that is animal friendly) and/or if you like to share your personal favourites of products from the same brands i haven’t tried yet. That’d be nice too!

Okay. so i would like to just list a couple of my obsessions and lovings this past week;

  • I’ve been trolling Sephora stores lately.. I’ve been seeing the Too Faced Melted Lipstick popping up everywhere and got very giddy about it. I can’t find it so far in SG yet.. so i’m glad for that as i can’t really spend right now.. BUT THEY LOOK FAB.
Too Faced melted lipstick

I really need to get a grip on myself because i want one REALLY DAMN BADLY, i swear.

  • I saw a new line of animal friendly drugstore cosmetics at certain Guardian stores! It’s called Catrice Cosmetics and they *just* brought this brand in, i believe.. that or i am super outdated, which i won’t be surprised i am. They are superrrrr affordable and have beautiful display counters. They have everything that you will ever need out of make up, from foundations to lippies, to bronzers to nail colors. It’s crazy! I am very excited to try them! They look so sophisticated and FUN. I saw the one at Raffles City Basement Guardian outlet.
Catrice Cosmetics Counter. Image isn’t mine.

How do i know they are animal friendly, AGAIN, it doesn’t state anywhere on their packaging, but it says on their website:

“Does CATRICE test on animals?

We do not carry out or commission any testing on animals for the manufacturing of our products. “

So.. Anyway they also have a SG Facebook Page right here. I’m just putting this out there anyway, for us who are interested. 🙂 It’s nice for me to know i can try something new now.

  • I have been pretty obsessed with dark lip colours this past week. Been rocking deep purples & plums from my mini lipsticks. No pictures and i don’t know why. Haven’t been up to date with the selfie game. So i have been looking up international cosmetic sellers and i am loving Pretty Zombie Cosmetics, they are also animal friendly (vegan actually)! they have the most beautifully crazy colours for their liquid lipstick like blue and lavender and I REALLY WANT THEM. If i were really honest, i want them more than i want Too Faced’s Melted lipstick. *fans self*. Really cute.

And with that, i shall leave you with a picture of my little prince, Owinge.. looking all swaggity swag.


And of me below:



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