Throwback: Tots Biz & how it won’t work now.

I was just thinking this morning while showering, about business ya know.. same ol’.. same ol’. Like what can i do if i so wanted to do my own business. haha

It just occurred to me, when i was between 5-7 years old, i actually got some old colored paper and folded them into fans. At this point you’re probably wondering if i wanted to tell you a tale of how creative and genius i was at that age. Heck, i’m not even  creative nor genius at 22. Err, no. not really. Anyway, I actually just folded the paper like below (photos are from google images):

And uh, it’s not even in pretty paper. These images above, are pretty paper ok? mine was just freakin’ construction paper.

I folded them, packed them in a huge paper bag and went around the HDB flats to sell them.

I was illegal even back then. Tiny BADASS-ery! woo!

I still remember some of them opened their doors and saw this really tiny little girl (i was tiny even when i was small, such is the story of my life) with a huge paper bag and convinced themselves i wasn’t someone umm, unwelcome. I looked at them with wide eyes and squeaked “do you want to buy this?” and held up a rather unattractive folded paper fan.

I guess most of them bought because i was so harmless and pitiful looking. Some were suspicious and asked “what is it for?” and back then i guess i never thought why it needs to be for something ya know? I mean, it’s a fan. Some time you might need a fan. I’m selling you a fan right now. Do you want a fan or do you not???? Its just $0.20. I guess i can’t remember what i squeaked in reply..

When you were young anything goes eh?

Ah well.

If i tried to sell something now, like that.. without a license. hoho.. Wide eyed Puss in Boots expression can’t even help me.

It’s a sad realization.

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