A little Dane Dehaan appreciation post

Can we just talk about that dude who plays Green Goblin in Spiderman II for a moment here: Dane Dehaan.

He’s like so effing pretty can???

WHY does he look like that???

He even makes that gaunt, eyebaggy look attractive. HOW?? WHY??? *burst into tears*

If i looked like that, i will probably be sent off in a straitjacket even if i did nothing.

IT’S JUST NOT FAIR. I love how he looks. He’s so pretty to look at. IF ever i got to meet him, he was signing autographs or something (unlikely, never, laughable, preposterous)
I would probably be like:

Me, the ever awkward turtle: *stares in awe*

Mr Dehaan: “hello, next please. Hi there, you’d like an autograph too?”

Still staring in awe, sweating profusely, hair like Cousin It from addams family, mascara running down in streaks and questionably so in little intricate patterns around my cheeks.

I will walk around him, presuming he is standing, look him up and down and appreciate the prettiness that is Dane Dehaan and ask him “Why do you look like that? How does it feel to be so pretty hmm??? Do you spend a long time staring at the mirror? how about in the shower? *giggles pervily* ”


or i would just stand there in shock at the same spot for all four seasons because DANE DEHAAN.

I would save his used tissue in a plastic bag. Really.


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