Movie Gloss Overs: Brick Mansions & The Amazing Spiderman II


Movie spoiler alert. If you don’t think you’ll be watching the shows, then read on my son.. read on.

So yesterday evening went for a mini movie-thon with my Mr Softy. Watched Brick Mansions with the late Paul Walker in it, and also The Amazing Spiderman 2 right after that. I am really,  really envious because he gets to claim ALOT of things off his company, it’s ridiculous. Movie tickets, fitness gear, phone subscriptions i heard.. and many more things. It’s just. Ugh. *rubs temples* i can’t handle it. I’m happy for him tho.. and i get to enjoy it too.. to some extent. HEH. *nudge nudge wink wink*

Lucky Bish right here.

brick mansions & spiderman 2 movie date with mr softy!
brick mansions & spiderman 2 movie date with mr softy!

So anyway. I must say that usually whatever i choose to post about on this blog, are obviously mostly things that i LOVE. I wouldn’t post about something i’m not comfortable with and not love?? It doesn’t really make sense right.

So i.. if you guessed it right: i love both movies! woooo *party poppers*

i should just change this blog name to iLOVEthisandthat. heyyyyyy that’s actually a pretty rad idea. Might look into it. I’m not ready  to give up my screen name though. It’s been what.. like.. about 6 to 7 years now. So no. I am already married to this screen name. Ain’t changing it for nothing.


I am not a Marvel comic reader but i absolutely like their movies so far. Whatever i’ve watched lately, from Marvel, has been quite.. quite excellent. I might go pick me up some comics.. sometime.

So let’s start about Brick Mansions hmm?

Brick Mansions

Brick Mansions poster

I really like the trailer.. and the soundtrack they used of course. Dubstep? Count me in.

The whole parkour thing with that french cute guy was so impressive. And he’s always shirtless.. WHY? stahp. The first thing that went through my mind though, is whether Brick Mansions really does exist. I know.. i know.. *blows on fingernails* ditzy. Oh look, a quick googling results in me finding out… NOTHING. So no. i guess i still don’t know, and am still wondering.

The other thing i noticed was, they were constantly fighting. And not even about worthy things. I mean there was this one scene whereby Frenchy and Paul [god i forgot their names] were just freaking brawling and were going “no this is my van.” *starts punching Frenchy* *Frenchy ducks and parkours his way around Paul and beats him up* “I need this van. MY VAN“.  Why can’t you two just fucking share the van right???? ugh. Guys.

They ended up sharing the van and partnering each other up. All that bruising for nothing eh.

And then the last part where Paul stubbornly wanted to punch in the numbers into the rocket and Frenchy wanted to stop him, and they fought.. again. Brawling..


I love action shows though. But this just struck me and i just cant stop chuckling. It’s cute. Like DAWWW-worthy.

I would give Brick Mansions a 4.5/5 Apples because it was a good show, the fighting scenes, the cars, the sheer swag of everyone in there, Frenchy’s parkour. Love it. the other 0.5 Apple is because i feel the characters could be much more well rounded/in depth. Like why did Tremayne (or however it’s spelt) the bad guy, an ex cop turn into a dealer? Why are Frenchy and Lola exes. But i guess there’s not much time eh! I’m asking for too much. I need a book instead. OOh.

The Amazing Spiderman II

I am not a fan of Toby Maguire as Spiderman, but i *personally* totally dig this current guy whatshisfaceagain. ANDREW. yasss. Andrew Garfield. He’s dating Emma Stone for real ammaright? She plays Gwen Stacy in the show.

I’ll just say how many Apples i’ll give this show ok?

5/5 Apples. woooooo!

yes really. Here: i’ll give it to you in point form.

  • Gwen’s outfits throughout the show are all really super A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. AND ON POINT! Who’s the stylist, dang girl. S/he did a great job. I’ll show you some mmkay? Make sure you won’t miss it.

There, see ???? SEE THAT? i feel like screaming, punching something and then cuddling a soft toy. Her outfits are pushing me dangerously bipolar. HOW WHY?? WHAT.

Those were the questions faced by lil ole me while sitting there in the dark cinema staring at the screen, eyeballs progressively popping out of it’s sockets everytime i see Gwen in something cute. ugh. Love it.

Back to our little chat:

  • Peter Parker looks good in black. Ok forget it. It’s not my fault this blog is so full of fluff ok. But he really does. Peter was just so kindhearted and NICE. Btw, he’s pretty humorous too so yes. YES TO ALL.
  • His friend, Harry Osborn is so pretty too and a very good actor. When he  became the green goblin and he did the little freaky lip licking thing, it was a nice touch. Nice touch for a creep. It reminded me of one video called The Creep by Ed Bassmaster on youtube. He’s fucking funny, check him out. I watch him every night before i sleep and cry cos he’s too funny and then i sleep.
  • I love the human touch of the show, they showed how Peter struggled to find out who he really was and how and why it was hurting him, how much he loved Gwen but can’t be with her. They showed how Electro was just this guy who wanted to be remembered and recognized and appreciated and how because everyone was so dismissive of him, he grew really angry over time. They showed how Harry Osborn resented everything Oscorp did under tables, all the experiments and that he was actually a good person, just a good person who was being played out of his own company (as corporations always are. dirty places) and also that desperation to live in a person will drive him/her to do unthinkable desperate things. He was also quite helpless, he was just a boy. The whole show  touched on so many important human emotions and gave the audience all this feels ya know, all in the right dose. Perfect.

So.. actually that’s about it.

Goodnight then!



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