Beauty Scan: Updated list of favourites & Look 001 How-To

I’m just going to ramble on about how much i love the following, with a small chatty report on them, why i love, why i don’t, how it works for me bla bla blaaah. This is just a small guide for noobs like me btw.

Right, lets get into it then!

**Most product photos are from Google Images

Beauty Scan Look 001
Beauty Scan; product highlights: Too Faced “A few of my favourite things” palette, silkygirl Big Eye Smudge eyeliner, Benefit Hoola bronzer

Products List To Achieve 001, will follow step by step as how i would do my make up:

(Click on picture to buy!) Step 1: Base: Benefit’s Porefessional.

I used to use the ZA pore smoother. Many many many years ago.. *old man voice* and then i stopped….. This is my current favourite base now.. you can even go without any make up with this on πŸ™‚ especially if you’re a guy and you want just a matte, smoothened look, you could try this. It’s great. Doesn’t slip and slide on the face [i have oily, acne prone skin btw]. However, since i am quite conscious of being animal friendly, and Benefit is of dubious ownership [they might have third party animal testing, which i actually condemn], i might have to go look for other animal friendly bases now. 😦 Put ‘cho money where yo’ mouth is, i say.

Step Two: Make Up Forever Full Cover Camouflage Cream
(Click on picture to buy!) Step 2: Conceal, Don’t Feel *sings the Frozen song*: Make Up Forever Full Cover Camouflage Cream

Next, i am on to concealing, as i am such a flawed human being, sadly. I discovered MUFE back when i studied beauty, and it is THE BEST concealer ever. A bit thick, of course, but i am not averse to thick make up/highly made up individuals. If it looks good from afar, it’ll look great in pictures too [err.. no thats not priority of course]. How i use this cream is, i squeeze a small dollop on the back of my hand and rub it around to warm it up and then quickly apply under my eyes and all over my cheeks. You need to apply it quickly because it dries quite fast. I love this cream, it is as they say on MakeupAlley: Holy Grail.

Still Step Two: Conceal: Benefit Boi-Ing
(Click on picture to buy!) Still Step 2: Conceal: Benefit Boi-Ing

No. I’m not saying after FULL coverage from MUFE you still have to conceal, i mean, you only have one face right [or.. do you? omg. Professor Quirrel, that you? *waves*] I meant, this is an alternative concealer if you like. It’s a bit on the very thin side.. Good for face concealing, but not for under eyes.. I still look like a not very cute panda with this on, doesn’t stop this panda from wearing it for under eyes though. It is very soft and creamy, easy to spread on the face with a finger, or a brush, if you will, and it SUPER blends with your skin. I mean, it blended with MY skin so damn well i didn’t know if i wore it or not. I love this, second best concealer ever. I buy it a shade lighter and use it to highlight my nose bridge as well.

Step 3: Foundation: Silkygirl Magic BB Stick  Foundation
+ Step 3: Foundation: Silkygirl Magic BB Stick Foundation

I just bought thisΒ  few days ago, and apparently there’s no reviews on this product though? Funny. Well, since there’s not many or no reviews on this, i shall gladly do a small report for you. πŸ™‚ Today will have been the third day i am using this. Firstly, I want to say again how much respect i have for Silkygirl, it is, i believe, a Malaysian brand and they export to Singapore, Indonesia as well, and maybe Brunei? I’m not quite certain where else. I love them because even though they are crazy cheap, they work quite well. AND they don’t test on animals nor use animal by-products.

So far, with this stick, it is interesting because i like anything with interesting packaging. Interesting, simple packaging. I just don’t understand why they put it “powder foundation” when its in a stick form? I must be missing something. Anyway, so after the concealer, i use this all over my face. The magic BB stick comes in only two shades if i recall correctly, I am mostly a Medium shade of anything, but i got this in a shade lighter (Natural), just to balance out my medium powders and not look too tanned.

The texture is so soft when i glided the stick all over my face. It is so super creamy and i use my Too Faced Powder Pouf brush to just pat it evenly all over my face. I loved doing that, i wish i could just cake on some more just to pat it again. It’s a lux feeling. So yes. I like it. Coverage is mild to medium and if you slap on some more, it will cake. Then again, caking make up is a matter of personal preference..

Pat on your BB foundation with brush like the one below:

Still Step Three: Tools: Pat your BB foundation all over with this brush
(Click picture to buy!) Still Step Three: Tools: Too Faced Powder Pouf Brush: Pat your BB foundation all over your face with this brush
Step 4: Second Foundation: Silkygirl Magic BB Powder Foundation
Step 4: Setting powder/Foundation: Silkygirl Magic BB Powder Foundation

After patting on that Magic BB Stick, nice even and fair, i swirl my same brush on this powder foundation and brush it lightly on my face. Just to set everything evenly. πŸ™‚ If i don’t use this, i use another powder; see below:

Still step 4: Setting Powder/foundation: Hello Flawless Custom powder cover up by Benefit
(click picture to buy) Still step 4: Setting Powder/foundation: Hello Flawless Custom powder cover up by Benefit

It’s either – or. I like to cocktail mix the high end and the humble low ends. πŸ™‚ It’s fun and experimental. Besides, it’s all just make up πŸ™‚

Step 5: Eyebrows: Silkygirl Natural Brow Pencil in Brown 02
Step 5: Eyebrows: Silkygirl Natural Brow Pencil in Brown 02

After all the face stuff, we move on to eyebrows. Where they frame yo’ face. My brows are not my strongest asset and i admire those people who draw their brows sooooooo nicely. Damn you people. I use a simple SG brow pencil to outline an arch, since i have such weird brows with no shape or definition, and then i will brush them with a spooly which looks like below:

spoolyKinda makes you recall a bottle brush huh. So yeah, anyway, use that to shape and soften the pencil lines.. and then..

Urban Decay Brow Box
(Click picture to buy) Still Step 5: Eyebrows: Urban Decay Brow Box in shade Brown Sugar. Just fill in your brows with the powder..

I’ve been using this powder for like MONTHS NOW, more than half a year and it STILL hasn’t finished. Worth the money i’m tellin ya! Oh, and Urban Decay is my favorite, favorite, favoritesttt animal-friendly brand, but so so pricey.. I love them. So edgy. So yes, if you want to splurge on something good that would be like an investment, this is it. It comes with mini tweezers and a small brush applicator, which i still use till today even though i know many reviewers just replace the brush, but i use it! and it’s still JUST FINE, i swear. It also comes with a little wax drawer, for you to apply on your unruly brows. Kinda like how an eyebrow gel would work.

Step 6: Eyes: SG Smokey eyeliner + Smudger: Just line thickly on your eye line and start smudging it from the back upwards to your crease to create a sort of C effect.

Now this eyeliner is also quite interesting. The Smudger wasn’t very good, but my god how the pigmentation of the kohl is though. Just wow. Very good! and definitely you can smudge yourself.

Too Faced: A few of my fav things palette
(Click picture to buy! Limited edition palette) Step 7: Too Faced “A few of my Favourite Things” palette: take your eyeshadow brush and pack some “Woolen Mittens” (refer to names on picture) all over your lid just below the C effect of your smudged Eyeliner. Then take some “Honey Honey” and pat it in the middle of your lid for a shiny effect. Then lastly, use your 4th finger and swipe some “Snowflakes” and put it in the inner corner of your eyes to make it look awake.

This palette, i got it months and months back and haven’t used it yet. I’m more of a neutrals person, and i still stuck with brown for today. I shall try wearing the sparkly ones at the bottom next. The sparkly ones dont seem to be very pigmented. The “honey honey” i used was soft and buttery, so easy to swipe. So it actually depended on the colours for their textures. I still really love the packaging though.

Step 8: Line your eyes.. again, with a liquid liner, end it with a slight wing, for a subtle cat eye
(click picture to buy!) Step 8: NYX Liquid Eyeliner: Line your eyes.. again, with a liquid liner, end it with a slight wing, for a subtle cat eye

For liquid eyeliners, you can use any brands and impossibleΒ  to go wrong. πŸ™‚ I really love NYX, They’re cheap, and good and very long wearing. I work 12 hours and have very oily eyelids and it would STILL stay. Unless i rub it off, its not waterproof of course. But either way, still very much love.

Step 9: Mascara: Too Faced "Better than sex" mascara: Curl your lashes and start sexing it up with this ;)
(Click picture to buy!) Step 9: Mascara: Too Faced “Better than sex” mascara: Curl your lashes and start sexing it up with this πŸ˜‰

Too Faced is another animal friendly brand. This mascara comes in a metal, pink tube and curvy wand. The mascara itself is pretty heavy actually. I love their formula, they work very well for upper lashes. They totally don’t clump/refuse to clump.. bravo Too Faced. πŸ™‚

For lower lashes i use:

Benefit Theyre Real mascara
(Cick picture to buy) Benefit They’re Real mascara

Then you can put your falsies!

Fake eyelashes
Fake eyelashes
Step 10: Cheeks: Benefit"Hoola" bronzer: Suck in your cheeks and apply at the hollows of your cheeks, sides of forehead, jawline.
(click on picture to buy) Step 10: Cheeks: Benefit”Hoola” bronzer: Suck in your cheeks and apply at the hollows of your cheeks, sides of forehead, jawline.
Still step 10: Cheeks: Blush: NYX blush in "Pinched". Any peachy pink blush will do fine :)
(click picture to buy) Still step 10: Cheeks: Blush: NYX blush in “Pinched”. Any peachy pink blush will do fine πŸ™‚

Lastly: remember to balm your lips and then apply your striking lippie. Mine in the picture was this whole box of mini lipsticks i bought previously in the shade Cecily Pink; you can read from my post about my Too Faced palette and the cute little lipsticks,Β  click here.

If any of you McSpicy ladies or lads wanna go get you some of these products feel free to click on their pictures, those i have indicated with “(click on picture to buy)” will link you right to it. Some of them are linked back to Amazon where you can instantly buy for yourself without even leaving the house in search for these stuff. All in a single click, you can just have them delivered to your home πŸ˜€

Do what yo’ heart wants to, and nobody can say nothing about you. I have always believed in doing what you LOVE, and not caring what anyone else thinks of what youre doing. So if you like garish, thick make up, GO FOR IT BRO. If you don’t want to make up??? Don’t. Honestly the world is so damn simple, people over complicate things. If your family thinks you’re ridiculous? LET THEM think so. Now moving on, sorry, need to leave the therapy post for another day.

On an unrelated note:

oh ya which reminds me, i had a colleague who keeps on mistaking what i say to mean something negative about her country, and yesterday wasnt the first time.
Allow me to tell you a story. Have a seat.

Yesterday, this girl, lets call her N. A troublesome staff, a mildly okay colleague and she’s a foreigner. So her shift actually was supposed to end at 8.30pm, but then she said she had to go the west side and reach there by 10pm, which was quite far, but then again, we are in Singapore. Far is just a matter of perspective. So yeah, she then asked me to block her slot and requested to be let off at 7pm.

That is 3 hours earlier than the time you are supposed to reach the place [10pm]. Even if you go to Batam, the ferry only takes 45minutes, and that is like another freaking country. Where the fuck are you going that needs 3 hours? Are you riding a bicycle there ? And this pisses me off because i am really done with staffs who treat this place like their fathers company.

So i just blocked her slot. And then i said loudly “Anyway, you’re taking the train right? Besides, this is Singapore. You will surely reach on time”

And then she started flipping and said “Oh! so you trying to say Singapore better than [Wherever she was from insert here]“. Now hold up my friends, where in my sentence did i say i thought Singapore was better again? Did i miss something?? I only meant that this country is just ridiculously small and you can go from Joo Koon to Pasir Ris in like 2 hours max. We’re not even in Pasir Ris, we’re in theΒ  central area. Only takes like 45min max as well to lets say CCK or bukit batok.

Damn bitch, you need some xanax in your system. Go make a smoothie out of one, mmkay?

So yeah.

This was not a first, and i actually already forgot when it happened previously before this one. It was the same girl by the way. Crazy huh.


Ok bye!


i am so super late already to meet The Boy!



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  1. I have the Too Faced A few of My Favorite Things Palette and I’ve found that the shade Moon on their Wings is beautiful placed on top of shadow right on the centre of the lid. It really draws attention to your eyes. Also Buche De Noel or Crisp Apple Strudel are really pretty over bad to the bronze color tattoo by Maybelline

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