Ridding toxicity in life; A letter to my introvert friends.

Some people may say you have no life. That you’re boring. That you’re unsociable.

As if, it’s a bad thing. [i get this a lot, it’s time to address this phenomenon]

Truth be told, i actually don’t find anything wrong with it. I don’t find it a flaw and i accept it in another person and i am totally comfortable with it as my nature. Happy, even.

In fact, i rather think i learn more by reading a book and gaining knowledge instead of just yapping mindlessly and contributing nothing of significance or intelligence to a conversation, and i do not even mean to dismiss anyone’s intellect with this sentence as it has not much to do with intellect, and more with being a person of a broader mindset and interests, and i will have to say this is to each their own actually, it’s a personal thing, [and just as a sidenote, i understand that nobody is stupid in this world]

So  why do i constantly feel like i’m surrounded by people who don’t seem to have minds of their own, and why do i have to fit their rigid mould? I mean who are you people?

I’m sorry if any of  you are commoners and have no inkling that the earth’s population is (unfortunately for humankind) 7billion or so  and everyday these same society standard people are breeding and raising the next generation of unyielding and close minded human beings. It makes me sad, yes. But again, i am sorry if out of these 7billion of us there are still people who have no idea that there are ALL sorts of people with ALL sorts of personalities, quirks and kinks and we still have people who after years and years of being in existence, even after being exposed to the internet, with technology evolving and claiming they have reached maturity and sophistication, they STILL can’t accept there are just people who prefer to be left alone, who enjoy good books, good music and movies by themselves, who try to be better people on their own and are actually happier and feel more fulfilled and are the exact opposite of whatever they are not.

You’d think these society standards would have been made aware that there are other people in this world besides themselves huh? How utterly wrapped up in yourself could you be.

But thanks anyway.

I am living my life fine, and so are other people. I hope these society standards though, find a life of their own, fulfill it, find love and acceptance in their lives and stop worrying or bothering about another person’s.

And now to you, my introvert friend;

I know you’re happy with your life, and sadly there are people (as described en masse, above) who don’t get you. And we are just here, sitting, being disturbed incessantly and  called names and ridiculed when in actuality you’re just being you. I know it’s hard, and annoying, even, but we’ve learnt to keep these contagions out of our minds by hearing selectively and dismissing them quietly, which, probably enrages these people even more.

Lets pray for goodness in their hearts and rid that rigidity one day, and keep being golden.

p/s: and also lets pray for those people who are of such little depth and think they are so much better (in everything) than you and even when you’re joking to them, they reply with a defensive cutting remark that was utterly uncalled for. These people are tragically in need of, simultaneously, a hug and an assassination with a variety of sharp objects.


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