Little note saying hello


• I’ve been lazy very super busy.

• I have 2 letters to write and haven’t gotten around to writing them.

• I have nothing to say so far, which is contradictory considering my continuation of this list.

• I do, however have a backlog of reading materials. and unopened make up, all begging to be read and used, respectively.

• I’m trying to be frugal this new year and not buy unnecessarily .

• I’ve been keeping to my hobby of scouring in search of nice music. I love it.

• I’m trying to make (and keep) friends and be a little bit more sociable.

• I’ve been on tumblr a lot (about page for link if you care) and twitter.

• I’ve developed this unhealthy cup noodle addiction. I love cup noodles. Chili crab, lobster, seafood. I need to limit myself to ONLY 1 per week and it’s quite difficult.

• also trying to eat healthier (more veg), when Tiger packs me lunch for work.

• “what am I doing” has been a recurring thought and that’s.. Saying something.

It’s really late. Goodnight.

I’ll just leave this here.

Stereo MCs “connected”, Future Sound of London.

The original is awesome.. and so is this. 80s/90s, yes please.


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