Friendly gifts, Poorly kitty, vet visits and fangs

So hello!

Been awhile eh. It’s been what .. 2 weeks? i don’t know anymore. I’ve been busy, Owinge Juicy kitty fell sick with dental disease. More on that later.. So i have been worrying about him and stuff (he’s a little bit better now.. but still a little weak and still rotten toothed, but improving definitely! Thank God)

I’ve been on the net the whole day trying to find stuff. I decided one of the gift for my Secret Santa will be a $50 symbolic adoption from World Wildlife Fund! which includes a plush toy of the animal you’re symbolically adopting, adoption certificate, photo and a species info card and a gift bag. I think this would suit the girl i’m buying for since she loves animals too, I adopted the gray wolf in her name (she has dogs.. beautiful dogs might i add). Heee… can’t wait for it to arrive so i can wrap it up real nice. I think i’ll take pictures first..

There are other gifts i’ve to buy too.. I think around 3 more? I’ve got ideas! Thank goodness. I want to give stuff i know i will like and/or will use myself, and/or definitely means something to me.

Now — photos.

JY and i went on our cheapo-night-out again at starbucks when they had their 1-for-1.. And she ordered the toffee nut, warm. I stuck with my peppermint cranberry without the cranberry (err…)



This is her thumb that wouldnt bend.


My ballerina thumb and her cardboard thumb.


Sorry J, there were no good photos. We will take nicer ones next on our upcoming date ok!

And by the way, It’s my turn next and we will go Max Brenner as promised… must take better pictures there can!

“i look kinda manic with my dilated nostrils and.. kinda chubby… so excuse moi ok.” (this was supposed to be a caption on one of the photos i decided not to post cos i sure as hell dont wanna be scrolling through this blog in the future and cringing. LOL) JY looks great however!


Look at Jy’s surprise gift that she gave me on her last day.. haha i never expected this.. Thanks OK!! She recycled the wrapper herself some more! you are so damn creative ok.


The left is the letter! (yay! my first ever! JY has agreed to become my penpal. Plus she is now elsewhere in another company totally unrelated to what i am used to, so i expect interesting letters! I will write mine very soon for you. HEH HEH HEH. I’m so excited can??? i can now utilize my stamp collection! and buy more pretty papers! woohoo, so damn happy about this)


There are stamp stickers, the letter and a hardcover notebook! (I LOVE HARDCOVERS)



Her goofy letter for ya’lls. hahahahaah completely shameless to the max, filled to brim with self proclaims and praises. hahahahaha, i never mentioned but she has absolutely zero social media. NO FACEBOOK. NO TWITTER. NO INSTAGRAM. NO BLOG. NO NOTHING. damn cool. Stay that way ok! respect! 😉

Oh and JY also lent me some books (paperbacks) from her favourite author: Christopher Pike whose books i have never read but i just finished The Midnight Club (depressing.. and meaningful) and am in the middle of reading Fall Into Darkness (so far has been quite gripping and  unfolding interestingly) and i shall write more about next time. Actually i have so much to say but its already 1230 and im full shift tomorrow.. so i will write in another post next time.



I seriously can feel that she’s trying to tell me something………………………………………………. with this particular choice of notebook cover.


But the pages are pretty!

-end gift-


Owinge, still sick and needing comfort. Poor baby.. *sigh*


then here’s our pretty girl Kit Kat. I am so in love with her eyes. She has a gorgeous penetrating gaze (they all do..) but you can really see her connection here.. 🙂 gorgeous girl.



I can’t remember if she was yawning or saying something.. but look at those fangs. I love this pic of her. Heck, i love her.



And here she is nosing the camera.


our prince Owinge Juicy Joo, still a little sick and probably still has a little bit of pain in the mouth but he was enjoying soaking up the sun like a bahamas kitty. He loves suntanning. Ok so here’s the story on him. I sent him to the vet cos his lower jaw on the right side was swollen few days ago. It turns out he has an abscess there and his teeth was rotten and when the vet checked there was pus already and it oozed out disgustingly out of his gums, mixed with blood. It was damn gross. The vet also checked his heart, and noted a heart murmur which is risky when he has to be put under anesthesia because anesthesia lowers the heart rate and there is a chance he wouldn’t be able to pump regularly and his heart would suddenly fail him or he would have breathing difficulties upon waking up. The end decision was that i had  to bring him back 2 days later for his dental scaling and surgery and we will re-check if he was suitable for the procedure. In the meantime, she gave me antibiotic pills (stomorgyl, half a pill, once a day, daily) which i was reluctant to give him because the last time he had antibiotics (another type, which was twice a day) he had trouble going to the toilet and would poop all over the place. By this time, he was in pretty bad shape and i was just doing what i thought was right, if he really couldnt take antibiotics. I convinced myself that its not really ok, but he will be going for surgery and will be all better in 2 days time. I disliked medications of all kinds even for humans and i don’t take them myself, preferring to go natural. (i know i should’ve just given him the meds now)

I didn’t give him the antibiotics within that 2 days waiting for his surgery.

On the day of his surgery, he already wasn’t eating (was withheld any food or water for 12hrs, prior to surgery) and so i cabbed to the vet again. So glad the vet is pretty near so it was a fast trip and i arrived 1/2 hr earlier than the appointment time. The vet wasn’t even open yet. I hadn’t had any breakfast and i was super worried for him. I had already researched all the different types of anesthesia and their effects and had rehearsed questions in my head. Owinge was scared in his  cage and curled himself up tightly. Poor boy.. he doesn’t go out much, and was probably in so much pain in his mouth and a mixture of anxiety.

When the vet opened at 9.30am, i went in to register him and took a seat. The Lady Vet finally came out and greeted Owinge warmly, she had a soft spot for him and he was quite calm with her around. I trusted her with him, they looked comfortable with each other. One thing i really liked about her is that she didn’t hide stuff. And whatever information she bombarded me with and all the terms she uses actually EXIST upon looking them up (LOL. she really uses acronyms! and why im surprised is because i and many others have a common belief that vets just want money off you and don’t really care for the animals, this may be true in SOME other vets and their specialists but not her) and didn’t treat me like a dumb owner. She was very detailed, specific and very informative. I liked her.

She  checked his chest again and the heart murmur is still there. It was now my decision if i wanted to risk Owinge’s life and gamble it or if i would try medications for him first. Medications would just TEMPORARILY dull the problem, but it would STILL be there and would DEFINITELY come back.

I really just want him to be happy and healthy, that is all i wish for.

And it was really a tough decision and i think we  stayed in the room to discuss  for a full 1/2 hour (please note they charge you per 15minutes consultation). It was a long talk. I asked her, surely you’ve handled something like this before and what happened, it’s possible to pull through a surgery like this  right? I kept on asking her what her suggestion was and she kept telling me it was my cat and she couldn’t decide for me.  She seemed very discouraging on the topic of surgery, and after some determined prodding from me she finally revealed that she ever had a procedure done on one animal who was healthy phsyically just like Owinge, except for that little heart murmur and the animal didn’t make it, and i really just teared up at that moment. I really wasn’t ready to gamble him like that.

So i told her that i would just try the antibiotics for him first. She also prescribed him some pain relief syrup (meloxicam oral, once a day, daily) that would help with the pain.. i hope it does help.

Anyway its been 3-4 days of  medications now and he seems slightly better. He is able to eat, and he meows a lot like before and he isn’t running a fever anymore. I am glad for all this, but trying to give him meds is a nightmare. He struggles so damn much like a horse, super stubborn. And  today as i was preparing them for him, he knew i was preparing for meds time! i  tried  to trick him to come to the kitchen for dinner but he wasn’t buying it. At one point, i saw his head and he was peeping at me from behind the wall and looked at the cabinet i was preparing on and then his head disappeared quickly. If i wasn’t so desperate for his cooperation it would’ve been comical.

I mix the catfood with water and his antibiotics in a syringe and somebody definitely has to hold him tight cos he would pretzel himself with claws all out and he struggles really hard. He would refuse  to turn his head for you to hold it so you can shoot the contents of the syringe in his mouth. And he would refuse to swallow. He would be very difficult. He definitely hates medicine time… but i have no choice. 😦 I mean i do, but the alternative (surgery) doesn’t seem like a choice. It seems like a death sentence.

If i ever opted for surgery, i would need to send him for a full heart scan and blood test which is $300 and $150+ respectively, ONTOP of the cost of the surgery itself which should be about $300.

I’m just glad for his improvements now.. and all i wish for is for his health and happiness back.

He’s scheduled for another check up



Owinge, you are such a twit sometimes. I know that you understand what i say but choose to ignore them anyway. You understand “ubat” though huh. (translation: “medicine” in malay) and started behaving shiftily after that. TSK TSK… TWERP. But i love  you anyway. Get well soon ok, buddy.

I’ll get you a year end gift.. maybe a cat bed you can sleep in and placed at the gate? I think that’d be nice since your favourite wavy scratcher is gone cos you mangled it and then threw up in it. tsk tsk.


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