Backlog of photos & a series of uncharacteristically social events

Ok.. so .. finally i’ve found a suitable title.. *wipes forehead* because indeed, that is exactly what has happened. I’m quite in shock.. i mentioned to a  friend before that i liked dealing with people (to a point, there can be some interesting creatures out there) but i prefer to observe them and not deal with them one to one. So..

Ok, forget it. Just thought i’d put it out there.

Past few days have been pretty interesting and hectic i must say.

There was J’s brother’s wedding to attend… and hardly took any pictures.. some, yes, but hardly, regretfully.. ok nvm.

Then there was the after-work drink (tsk, starbucks ok) with a colleague.. (i don’t do this.. and it was surprisingly enjoyable.. Just give me the right person and i will do it)

Then there was my Virgin Trip to Batam. I’ve just renewed my passport.. and i now have the itch to go around, i shall start small first, hence, Batam seems like the first choice right? low-priced and just neighboring us.



So these were taken at the wedding.. 🙂


Photo booth! I LOVE photo booths. but this one was just awkward and open for me eventhough i so badly wanted to camwhore there.. but there was so many people.. and i just became shy and hermit-ish..


And the props..


And the background. Initially i didn’t even register this as a background. I was just like.. wtf is this mess doing in the middle of.. Oh. The photo booth.


A cute painting of the bride & groom of the day!


Guestbook area.


Fancy Schmancy.


The antique feel of Tepak Sireh now Mamanda’s.

Not much to say of the wedding, it was beautiful of course! the place was classy, a lot of good looking people and the food was pretty good! but i only met my favourite faces too short a time, wish i could have spent longer time with them. Upcoming is Cha’s Wedding on the 11th January. J & me are bridesmaids! i am so excited and i still havent found a white flowy skirt for myself. 😦 I am looking to buy online (Instagram seller, actually.. i saw one! But.. hmm. maybe i will afterall, oh puck this. i can’t find it anymore! TSK anyone knows where i can get a white princess skirt.. holler)

And below shall be the pictures of the Tiny Get-away to Batam. It was too early and i just looked like i just cleaned the house, got dressed and left the house. (i didn’t.. ) it was a barefaced day and i appreciated the chance to be so.. HEH. So no judging!


So presenting..

Our group of that day comprised of four people, three of whom i am going to introduce to you via their initials only, for my privacy reasons.

I.N (brown shirt) – The whiney one, noisiest of the lot. Without her, we wouldn’t have anyone to make fun of and tease. vainpot and shopping-crazy. Fickle minded and will talk at you nineteen to the dozen even without your acknowledgement. Has a tendency to speak too loudly about other people, rendering you embarrassed and apologetic to the person being talked about. I tend to stare at her hard (telepathically hoping she would get it that i want her to stop, and if she doesn’t, i will slap her arm and she’ll go like “oh..”) Oh indeed.

M.M (denim playsuit) – The Flirt. If we needed directions and was looking for people to direct us, she picks the most good looking persons and pursues them without even waiting for our response. Upon enquiring to said person, her voice gets higher pitched and girlier, suggesting mild flirting, as three of her friends (us) looks on from behind her with expressions of mild disgust.

E.C (white tee and shorts) – The crook of the group. Hire her if you need to write an eloquent and powerful complaint letter, if  you need a lawyer, if you need to haggle prices as if you were at the fish market, if you need freebies. Master of Cheap, she will do everything within her power to squeeze the best out of her money. After years of working in the service line she has stitched together and learnt from the ridiculous customers she faces everyday and taken a leaf out of their books, she can be very difficult to deal with as a customer. She’s the kind of person who will be lying to the spa reception who has kindly provided transport without batting an eyelid and say we’ll just go collecting our stuff at the mall and be back in a jiffy to the transport when actually she intends to shop again. And when she comes back 1.5hrs later and finds that the transport has gone back, she argues with the reception and tries to wheedle for another transport to be sent for us. I don’t know to roll out a red carpet for this queen or to curse and blame her for all our crazy customers (they are probably karma for her) but she takes very good care of her people. She also always gets what she wants, its horrifyingly admirable. so… true story by the way. Street-smart and cheap.

end character introduction.



two of my favourite in a group of beetches.



Omg. Look at that flared nose.. i didn’t know i could do that… O_O fascinating..








Our best ‘good girl’ looks.



Seriously, i guess the ferry ride was just that mundane (in a good way). we were just bobbing up and down with a threesome of creeps, creeping on us (refer to picture below) that we just kept on snapping pictures like this.


So that fella looking at the camera was just so pucking creepy. Kept on glancing over and wouldn’t stop. whenever we walked slow, he and his cronies walked slow.. SO ANNOYING. and worst luck was; the same freaking three took the SAME ferry back home with us. It was ridiculous.


A little bit of his friends as well. They didn’t bother me very much, just spooked a little but one of my friend(s) got so freaked by them cos they were aiming her. phucking Eww.



And my favourite moment was when we opened the door to the back of the ferry and saw this! I WAS SO HAPPY. Pardon me, i haven’t been out much.. and this was just.. shduwhzjf877rr72734378292934uyfrb.. BEAUTIFUL.

It was a sunny day, with lots of fluffy clouds and the wind was blowing and im at SEA. *freaking out*



I’ve always been fascinated by these ropes.





Omg. this looks so bad.. but, i’ll still put it up, just to remind myself to never pose like  this ever again.





See? freaking pretty.



Just look at the clouds, ok????? LOOK AT IT. oh forget it, its better live anyway.



wonderful sky..


so relaxing.. now i really want to get on a cruise and i can bet you i would so enjoy being on the deck all day.



And then we stopped by A&W *freaks out again*, you know.. we don’t have one here.. so of course we just got super excited for it there.. it’s pretty sad actually, but oh look! rootbeer floats. it was snack time by the time we reached Batam.



The BCS (ok.. umm, why do they call it BJS??? It’s written as BCS but pronounced as BJS? It confuses me… but ok.


This girl was SO into shopping at the mart there. (Things were as low as $0.20, where can you see CENTS anymore here???? you don’t. and i quite understand their enthusiasm. I don’t blame ’em) but i wasn’t really into the shopping part to be honest.. When there’s a resort trip, sign me up, ok? I’m the breakfast in bed, lounging by the pool with a book, Mr Sunshine and sand-type i think..


Our shopping baskets.. Oh, and i actually also got a bright pink hair dye.. i’m thinking of doing some streaks. I’m just waiting for the day we can do it together..or rather — someone to do it for me.


All essentials. You won’t lose out shopping so much.


My receipt of stuffs, which totaled up t o around SGD $18+ only and i managed to get my Himalaya facial wash which is always SGD $12+ alone, but is only about $3 there. I cannot process this.. it’s just.. wow. This is how life should be.


After their shopping (i say ‘their’ cos i was basically just wandering around aimlessly along the aisles), we went to have lunch here.. which looked pretty fancy.. and may i just add that you can smoke in the restaurant??? i don’t agree with it.. but.. i’m not the president.. so..I’m glad we have such stiff rules here afterall, cos i really dislike second hand smoke.




That is my avocado drink.. it has chocolate in it. It’s so thick, and rich and suuuuuper creamy and it was SO GOOD.


And our nasi ayam penyets..  the chicken was small, but for a meal so low priced i don’t see why i should complain.





After lunch was mani pedis. I had pedi though.. i’m not really keen to have stuff on my hands since i would probably have detergent/kitty litter/toilet scrubbing duties… So i had a pedi.. with scrub and all, only for SGD $10. it’d probably be $32 over round here..It was so good. My feetsies feel so smooth and not as horny as it was before.. (errr.. horny, i used that correctly, right?)


Simple pedi. 🙂

After mani pedis, we headed for our massage! (no pictures). It was quite a nice spa, about 3 – 4 storeys high. Was hoping for a steam bath and stuff but time was limited. Massage was a great experience, i was pretty tense cos it was just weird.. i’ve never been massaged before so i guess it explains why i’ve been aching.. I don’t know if i enjoyed it or i am just.. speechless about it?? still figuring it out. It felt good somehow.. but yet quite uncomfortable. I remember trying to hold back a fart the whole time. Geez, my memories are hazy now and its only been two days.. Let me tell you, holding back a fart so hard during a massage is the most uncomfortable thing and you should never do it. I don’t think i’ve contracted my abs that much before. ugh.. now i know why i am aching. urrghhh.. Must have been the chili in the ayam penyet..


My shiny new fake Burbs passport holder for SGD$3…. i dont care about fake things to be quite honest and i know of people who turn up their noses at people who buy fakes. i have such an acquaintance, and i don’t think much of that person really, i dislike snobs. As long as it’s functioning as it should be, why not? (my logic anyway) just thought i’d put this out there as well.


Showing off her gelish mani.






And.. just like that the day ended..

It was so tiring actually..


Below are pictures from my after work drink with a lovely colleague whom i have entrusted with my blog URL; JY.



Peppermint mocha and cranberry white chocolate. It was a one-for-one promo.. so.. 🙂



Hahah it was a great session i must say. We actually talked until 11PM. From her ridiculous and lame one liners and me going *cricket sounds*, we talked about Harry Potter, discussed books (she even lent me some! so nice), personal questions and discussing ambitions.. i actually opened up a lot to her. She is so easy to talk to… and she didn’t judge my dreams (at least, i hope not) and i liked listening to hers. And her humor, although strange, isn’t hard to keep up with.

I don’t need to fake anything with her, and that’s always really nice.

So.. thats all i have 😀 for now. Goodnight!

p/s: sorry if there’s so many grammar errors and typos.. its so late.

pp/s: i think my Owinge boy is sick again.. he’s having some sort of tooth ache i think, and i will send him to the vet’s real soon, just need some positive and healing vibes and thoughts be sent over to him for now in the meantime, thanks.. 😦


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