Intro post: a Too Faced palette & Rouge galore

So Sephora is having a store wide 20% discount for all members! Naturally I would take advantage of that.

Got myself :
• Too Faced “A few of My Favourite Things” palette that comes with a pretty make up bag, Better than Sex mascara, and exclusive Lip Injection Color Bomb in shade Bee Sting. (I love this color by the way, it’s nude)

• Front Cover Lipstick Collection (all the mini rouges in SIXTEEN shades, plus a lip liner and a double ended lip stain + lip gloss.

Very happy!

So this is the box it came in for Too Faced.

…and the make up bag.

A little peek at what’s in the bag 😉

“Better Than Sex” mascara (I don’t know how eyelashes has got to do with sex.. But.. Whatever. I love Too Faced so I’ll shut it)


Lip injection color Bomb in Bee Sting

And then from the bag, comes this gorgeous looking hard back (??) (sorry I’m using book terms) and as you can see, as *I* can see, rather, the whole thing just screams charming. Wait till you see what’s in it..

The back of it.. Patterns are designed by celebrity decorator Mary McDonald (as is written on the box)

Here is the palette in its full glory. Look how beautiful it is, the colours, bright, some shimmery, some mild, collectively, they’re so stunning. This is a great collector’s item.. (I’m one!! Me! Me!)

Here are all the eyeshadow shades. The bottom left is called Tinsel, incase you can’t see cos it’s too bright, and above Tinsel is Coquet (very light shimmery peach, great for highlighting) just look at the colours! And their names. Their names are so winter-sounding and gives the cosy fall vibe, I think it’s perfect for the winter months (although I live in a tropical island), we have the popular fall colours like bronze and browns, and some dark colours like purple & plum, and shimmery dark blue. Most of them have shimmer actually. They have names like Whiskers on Kittens, Chocolate Milk, Woolen Mittens and Blue Satin Sashes – tell me what do they remind you of? I love it so much. Great choice of names.

And then we have the other side of the palette, finally I get to try new bronzers! My favourite 😀 they included the ever popular Chocolate Soleil (which does have a mild creamy chocolate scent, is it just me or..?) and Sun Bunny! Sun Bunny has a matte half and a slightly shimmered half.. I’m looking forward to try them all 😀 they also included a small little guide booklet featuring a few different looks.

Next is the Front Cover Lipstick collection. I’ve always been fond of lippies and am always excited to try bold colours.. So this is a perfect opportunity.
And yes, that is Owinge, the kitty, also dropping by to look see.





He’s so busy body! 🙂 he likes being in the thick of things..

Below the lip colors they have included a little Autumn Winter trend booklet in different languages. I thought that was nice.. And interesting. There’s Dutch, Polish, Turkish, Croatian.. Just wow. Even though I can’t read it, I still thinks it’s fascinating. Because basically, aside from boxes, I also really like booklets.. Of all kinds. Any paper things. Just gimme.


Time to introduce all the colors!
So this is the top half; we have all the corals.

From left to right:
– Shell Coral
– Shrimp
– Persimmon
– Hot Corals

– Tigerlily
– Crab Apple
– Ash Rose
– Desert Flower

And then here we get the barbie shades (personal favourite!) and the more popping colours.

– Pink Lady
– Hot pink
– Morning Glory (I can’t wait to try this!)
– Cecily Pink (AND this!)

– Grenadine
– Lydia
– Mars
– Grape Juice (deep plum! Really interesting)

– Suit All lip stain and gloss – Duo Colorant
– Lip pencil.

So.. That’s about it. Just an introductory post. 🙂

Wanna make a series of this (and the previous Benefit trial sizes) and post up here actually.. I haven’t swatched anything cos I really like to keep stuff pristine unless I put them on my face.. It seems a shame to ruin their perfect shape, for me anyway. I’m fussy like that..

Ok! It’s late!
One more day of work and then it’s Sunday; I’ll meet my friends. Finally.


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