A Rant: Door to door donation rudeness

Ok, i swear i really need to rant right fucking now.

WARNING: Expletives. Fair amount of it. Not for delicate people

I just finished closing the door to some stupid motherfucker who goes around asking for door to door donations but yet is SUPER RUDE and didn’t even say thanks for our time.

So at 9.30pm few minutes ago, there came 3 loud knocks on our door. I opened the door to see a man with one of those laminated certificates. I thought he was from NEA or the government or.. wherever the fuck he’s from i don’t care. Instead of introducing himself to me (he probably thought i was very young, fuck him) he just asked “house owner?”. “er, no. my mom is sleeping” i gestured vaguely behind me. “sir?” “no. he’s not home” (ok its a lie. but hes a stranger, i cant go telling him life stories)

and throughout our short communication, he gave the MOST ANNOYING AND EXAGGERATED expressions. like very sarcastic. As if he doesn’t care to hear anything coming from me (again, i cant stop myself. i hope he fucks himself. OMG IM SO MAD RIGHT NOW)

“can you call her?” he asked, rather rude in a polite disguise, if you know what i mean, its all body language. and im a very sensitive person to these kinds of things.. unfortunately.

I really know i would dislike this guy but i thought it might be important, so i went to fetch the Tiger herself.

When Tiger came to the door, he spoke in english. My mom isn’t very good in english so she was saying if he could translate. He obviously doesn’t know how to, so i came to her aid. The way he spoke to me was as if he was speaking to someone with low IQ and he deliberately spoke slowly and then stupidly ended with “can you translate to her?”. FUCKING OBVIOUSLY RIGHT SINCE IM STANDING BESIDE HER? Basically he is trying to help this community of old people of all races and wants to ask for donations but his speech was fancier.

My mom then explained she cant right now cos she herself has medical fees and her children were helping her and she gestured to me.

All throughout her broken english explanation he gave exaggerated facial expressions like =-O and then :-O and you could SO TELL he wasnt interested in listening and he didnt fucking care. He then said

“your daughter?”  I LOOK LIKE A FUCKING MAID TO YOU? well, you look like a judgmental sod who shouldnt even bother doing community work at all but yet here you are.

And then he said

“then all the more you should do charity so you can get better” he said condescendingly and without empathy or kindness in his voice — ok, this i get it. I know giving is good. I TOTALLY understand.

“you should give more” he emphasized as if he was trying to imply because shes a stingy person and its probably WHY she is sick in the first place. At this point he triggered me, i was already so annoyed by his body language and STUPID facial expressions and EVEN MORE stupid face and whatever the fuck he is saying i was like:

“no, maybe you should give her help” i didn’t want to be petty or lose my temper and all you know but this guy is just getting on my nerves, he is fraying it. I mean its asking for donation you know, it’s a noble cause and everything, it’d be so wrong  to get angry at a person who is “supposed to be doing good”.

he then looked at my mom’s disfigured feet and said

“you should give to charity, so you can get better” he said patronizingly and pointedly looked at her feet and smirked.

Me: “don’t worry, she always gives to charity but not at this moment”

he then looked at me

“so if she cant help, what about you? you want to help?” Not with you being rude at my mom and me. I had money in my purse, yes i did. i could’ve helped but he totally took away any charitable feelings i had.

“you should give to charity, if not how to get better?” and smirked again. I tripped and said loudly

“yeah! but not now!” And right now she’s saying she can’t so whats your fucking problem? and who are YOU to be telling people what they should or shouldn’t do and judge them???? You could feel his judging radiating off him in waves man. fucking hell.

he then lifted his filthy shoes off our steps and left. just like that, without saying thanks or anything. He was rude and ungracious and all of that and i WISHED i could’ve handled it in a better manner, but i lost it. seriously. he just brings back all the stupid little mofuckers i have to deal with most days. They’re just like him.

To all these human beings who collect donations; you also must understand, people will give if they CAN. Either way, always remember your manners and be courteous and understanding. If you are pleasant, people are more likely to give to your cause.


p/s: i hope he gets rejected all the way, or better, get doors slammed in his stupid face. That organization (he didnt mention the name and im too blurry visioned to see from behind the door) should hire other people and kick him out cos he’s obviously not gonna shine in this line. seriously.


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