The dancer and her dinner in 2013

I am not in any way a dancer. Nor can I dance to save my life.. (I would, however jerk and twitch awkwardly if it was my cat’s life at stake)

Yeah, well I’m just typing away to while away my time while I wait for my mask to dry. I’m trying on this new one by Malin + Goetz detox face mask. It feels weird as it bubbles over my face.. But anyway never mind. For the sake of D&D tomorrow night I will just try it out hoping its.. Gonna work something. I dunno, radiance or whatever.

I don’t know what else to wear, I didn’t know what to look for either. The theme is 1920s and I just had no idea. I mean, I’ve seen the pictures of what those people look like (maybe one day in the future, year 2090, they’ll ask people going to the D&D to dress like “those people in 2013” eh?? And our pictures will be on the internet and we’ll be based as inspirations for their theme parties.. ) but I just can’t.

So I just went to one of the shops I’m always familiar with. Topshop. (I know.. I know.. I worked there. Naturally I would be very familiar, they’ll have something, and if they don’t, they will. Know what I’m sayin’?)

First I picked was this really cool and totally not 1920s black leather body con dress.

It was time I got a dress even if not for any occasion. What is with me and jeans/pants? Hmm?

Ok. So this didn’t work out so well. I can’t believe I’m saying this but.. I’ve got a tummy. Now I have to find those large granny panties designed to keep tummies in. I was sucking in so hard for this dress “ok selfie in 3..2..1 *holds breath*” I can die of voluntary suffocation wearing this. Do you want me to die? Hmm?? I hear a resounding yes. Well, not so fast yer bastards.

Besides, I like the fit of it.. But the torso is meant for taller people as it was gathering behind me like a KFC bandito pocket I could stuff lettuces in. No.. Not keen on that. Wait, actually it’d be useful! I don’t need a paperbag to keep stolen food in. Anyway, most clothes discriminate short people like me and I can hardly find stuff that would fit well. I think this is… A set up against us smaller people. I suggest we do something about it.. Like what, you say? Like snore at it and hope they wake up their ideas.

The second one, which I caved in and bought.. Cos it’s so wearable and simple..
Is as shown below:

I really don’t care if it’s 1920s or 3000 anymore. I’m just going to be there for the food. I’m pairing this with black peep toe wedges from H&M and pearl earrings. Do I look too wedding-y??? :/ oh god. Don’t tell me I look wedding-y.. Forget I asked that.

Too late anyway.

There’s so much to do. Goodness.. Like finding a clutch.. Trying to wake up early.. Remembering all my makeup brushes to bring.. And shaving my legs. Urgh.

Oh. I’m also trying out a new non latex eyelash glue.. Apparently I still have reactions to adhesive and I feel deeply saddened about it. I got this brand called Aquous (or something like that) and it’s a Japanese or Korean brand I don’t really know..(pictures next time) It was worth a try anyway. Is it I’m allergic to the copolymer or what?? Huh? Or is it latex? What is it!!! This frustrates me to oblivion. GRRRRRR never mind. I’ll keep on at it. This will be a study. And once I find one that suits me I am so gonna POST IT HERE SO ANY GAL who has trouble with lash adhesives can just take it from me, k? I know how you feel laydees. That slight swelling just KILLS ME. WTf is wrong with my skin man. At least it’s not *toO* bad.. But still.

Ok bedtime, bunnies. Nights!

P/a I’ve got new knives! Woohoo~ what a pretty lil thang you are.. All blue and heavy..

Can I just show you below this handsome young man whom Softie and I fed around town area.. Poor fella, so young (still slightly older than a kitten) and so playful, very slim built (like blackie) and he would make a great companion for someone.. 😦 alas… I hope he got fed the other days as well. He doesn’t look awfully starved.. But, you never know. 😦





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