Lovin’ my Alphabets // micro updates

Hello again.

i am.. finally on OFF today!

been trolling youtube for a few days now. Searching for nothing in particular, to be honest.. just looking up music. So much gem.

I discovered Alphabet Pony! They’re electronics and play lots of drum & bass, a little dubstep and chill.. and i just find them SO DAMN addictive.

Anyway, my D&D is in freaking 3 more days and the theme is 1920s/The Great Gatsby. I have nothing to wear be it the new millenium or not. Heck, i don’t even have enough normal clothes. urgh. how??? I have looked up 1920s online and i’m just.. i can’t. I mean i know it’ll look great on a lot of people but i just can’t pull it off. *depressed*

But i liked what one of my colleague suggested.

“Aiya, don’t stress about the D&D dress; Just wear a t-shirt and write ‘1920s’ on it” — i thought that was pure genius. Maybe i really should do it eh? I need to find shoes also.. I’m just so lazy to go out today.. I’m gonna bum at home and nobody can say anything about it. HA. See this??? this is me planting my butt firmly on this chair and not gonna move a single inch for anyone.

Right now i’m reading the Pacific Rim novelization.. and i think i enjoy it JUST AS MUCH as the movie. It’s absolutely very well written and i love how the writer described the machinery, systems and technical terms (i actually bought the book because of this, i don’t know.. machines fascinate me so much) He also gave like some profiling of the different Jaegers and their versions, and their rangers (aka pilots).

To jump to another topic also, my bag broke last week in the middle of me running (i was late for work) it was so embarrassing. -___- why do these things happen to me my god. So now, on top of everything, i also have to look for a new bag.

Oh and last two days a caucasian man by the name James (nice generic and safe name that i could allow to have on here) came by to do treatment and was so unhappy that our company changed some rules and our charges, he was so upset and he said he was going to write to the CEO (good luck with that pal) and he also proceeded to curse us saying he hoped we would all die just like one of the Singapore Airlines flight. Well.. what a great ball of sunshine.

I just hope lightning doesn’t strike you first eh? Karma has a tendency to do just that to people like him. Can you imagine being so upset about removing body hair?? Ah well. may all of us working in this company have a long, fruitful and prosperous life. 🙂

My passport is also ready for collection! woohoo. 😀

Anyway! I heard this at work and it sounded so boss (listen to it with headphones in) So i’m placing this here for anybody’s enjoyment. I am so bloody glad they changed the music playlist at work ok??? I have had enough of the old ridiculous and underwhelming playlist.

I am absolutely in love with the chill sound and bass..


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