Ear Candy


Right. i have a tall can of Pringles potato crisps in Sweet Chilli, i had some toe-curling warm chicken cup noodles, a whole box of Ferrero Rocher and a nice refreshing bottle of Ice Peach Tea… and this is what i’m listening to right now while trying to catch up on my word count..

It’s gonna be a good night to end a pretty shit day.

Anyone has nice sounds to recommend me to..

So now I am going to whine at you. Ok?
So recently it’s been an interesting November at work. I know I should be a little bit more focused in my personal goals (which I am not) . Too much to think of 🙂 there are also changes at work!

We have a new supervisor and also a new intern. So finally I am free of the emotionally unstable supe whom I have had to tolerate for a year or so.. And on to newer blood. I don’t know how I feel about that yet. This new supe, let’s call her Miss OCD from here onwards. I thought I knew OCD and it’s impulses since I grew up living with one (*cough* strange tea *cough*) but hoooooo boy.. I had no idea did I. She annoys me like that. I don’t know, today I was just extra irritable and I couldn’t wait to get home and just freaking get away from it all.. From her.

I am pretty sure she’s a lovely person and all. But.. Oh never mind.

So far I’ve also been the only one in my position so it feels weird to have a partner. She’s also of a strong personality and I’m trying to adjust to everybody’s overwhelming personalities and habits and it’s just.. Really taking a toll on lil ole’ me. I have a hard time adapting to sudden changes normally but I know I will be able to absorb eventually.. It’s just tiring me out more than usual. As long people leave me alone and I get to do my own thing with the occasional participation from me would be ideal but who am I kidding? Hahahahhaa.

But anyway.. Yes.

Just had to add these in.



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