November already..

Well! It’s November already! Imagine that! I thought October was sailing past so sluggishly, yes. But my! NOVEMBER. One more month till the end of 2013.

How time flies eh? Now I just sound like one of those creepy grandmas in stories who go around petting the main character on their heads and going “imagine that!” Before granny raises a huge knife from behind her back and sinks it deep into the unsuspecting— no wait, what?? No no no.. Wrong story! Sorry. Must’ve been reading something else.

I’m actually waiting for my little netbook to start up (it takes a few tries.. I’m too thrifty, gimme a break) so I just thought I’d post up some pictures from yesterday; November 1st.




I love sushi.. And I’m not even going to bother telling you what we picked to cook. I’m just lazy. I’m just waiting for this netbook to load properly so I can continue my 1.7k daily word count and to just amuse myself while waiting

Just look how he’s concentrating! LOL.

Mr Softie.

Yes.. Yes.. I am quite the food photographer aren’t i, not, we went to Seoul Garden. Only my second time in my whole life and let me tell ya, I enjoyed myself!

Let me tell ya why again, even though you didn’t ask, it’s probably because I didn’t cook them. All I had to do was pretend to participate and just keep chewing.


I love how bright his eyes are.. He’s so super gorgeous, i can’t handle it. I feel like one of the deluded parents in the book Matilda. The ones who see genius in the most obviously normal and mundane of children.. Except, my blond boy here is anything but normal and mundane. He is a genius. He’s super smart and very well tempered, but I shan’t upsell him to you unworthy peasants. (Heee I’m kidding. But seriously though. He’s a magical boy)

Off I go to type the night away

*blow kiss*


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