USS Halloween Horror Nights ’13


Hi there!!

Long time no chat.. i kinda missed being here, just that i never had anything much to say. The stuff i wanted to say don’t have much excitement, about how i am continuing my ridiculous job at this salon… nobody wants to hear that, no?! yeah. i’m saving it for my journals. Of course prior to deciding to leave, there were some discrepancies and management problems.. i don’t like that shit. But here i am, agreeing to stay for another 2-3 months.

Oh it’s been awhile yeah.


So a selfie before everything melted off my face was a must! (excuse the bloated/puffy face in the following pictures too.. i’m tired i guess.. so..)

So anyway, yesterday i went to the Halloween Horror nights 2013 at Universal Studios Singapore, it’s my second time. I do know that i was wildly impressed by the 2012 one. It was so detailed and really, really amazing and they really captured the essence of each theme they were going for, for every zone they set up and decorated. I  thought this year would be as elaborate as well (last year’s was SUPER elaborate.. i didn’t want to leave.. there were so many things to look at, to touch, to take pictures of.. to take pictures with, know what i’m sayin’) I especially loved the House of Dolls for last year. I don’t know if you know, but i want you to know, that i really like dolls. They fascinate me. I wouldn’t own one though, cos they’re creepy.. so many horror stories about them and thanks but no thanks, but i still look them up, read books with dolls in them (especially childrens stories! like Enid Blyton’s..) and.. most recently i purchased this book called ‘The Fairy Doll & other tales from the dolls house” because it has dolls in them. I don’t know if it’s good.. but it’ll be interesting to try.

So as always, i am sidetracking again. We’re talking about Horror Nights 2013 aren’t we? Not 2012.

I just wanted to ask you, Universal Studios Singapore, were you on a slightly tight budget for this year??

But that’s okay, i promise. I would still urge you guys to go and get tickets for yourselves. I think next week is the last week.
So go get chu some !

Because i wouldn’t say that it’s totally worthless. There was definitely something new.. and pretty impressive. The opening.. or rather introduction with the three evil sisters were IMPRESSIVE! I deeply regret i wasn’t wearing my striped platform sneaks and everyone was just towering over me. There were a few girls who had boyfriends who hoisted them up to their shoulders and i was sort of like throwing Mr Softie hopeful looks and puss in boot faces but i gave up because its too hot and he was avoiding my gaze and pretending to be busy taking a video of the evil sisters, so nevermind. So i was just staring at the back of somebody’s head. Thats ok though right? I got a video to watch. *rolls eyes, flicks hair bitchily*

The intro was great, we had the evil sisters being levered up in a cage behind us, baring their teeths and hissing, that kinda thing. There was rock music it actually felt like being in a concert, nice music playlist however, USS, kudos for that anyway.




It was seriously too hot ok. I am so glad i brought a fan along and just fanned myself.. so this was when we were sardined together, behind would’ve been the cage where the 3 evil sisters were to be..


So this was the stage that the 3 evil sisters disappeared and reappeared almost magically from the levered cage behind us.. actually i really wonder how this happened. did they have doubles?? it was great.


The described before ; hissing, snarling and baring their teeths.. although of course i didn’t see any of these because i was busy staring at the back of somebody else’s sweaty head. It sucks being short!


Ta-DA! they reappeared on the stage with a bang and some pyrotechnics (i just learned this term yesterday! thanks Softie) It was a fabulous start!



That horn was free given by somebody we don’t know. It went like this, we were queuing for our second haunted house actually, and it was at Songs of Death. We queued behind this guy in a hoodie who was pretty shifty when we came to queue behind him actually. He then suddenly turned and asked “do you want this? i don’t want it, i’m giving it away”, sort of delighted, i asked why? he said he bought extra. So i took it.. Do you KNOW how much those stupid things cost??? they’re friggin’ $6 above. I could buy a meal with that! A few min later, he turned around again  and gave Softie glowsticks to wear around his neck. I mean.. it didn’t occur to me to be suspicious of the guy.. since he’s so generous and all.. But my paranoia soon took over and i dropped the stuff halfway through the night. I just felt uncomfortable. Free stuff from a stranger…… no thanks.


This was at House of Posessions.. pretty creepy looking really, until instead of JUMPING, like these things do, i saw it walking.. with two legs separated and just burst out laughing. It’s just too cute.


This vampire was too nice. Whenever somebody asked if they could take a picture with him, he paused and then shouted “YES!” . hahahahahhaaaaa… i still chuckle thinking about these scareactors. They did a great job however. Especially the evil sisters who did photo ops ALL THE WAY. it must be damn tiring for your facial muscles.


And then thats the end of  the pictures.

Actually throughout, WITHOUT express tickets, and quickly zipping around one house after another, i think we spent about.. what? around 45minutes to complete all 3 houses?? It’s not too long as long as you’re fast. So….. the key is, don’t dilly dally. Finish all the houses and the photo ops come after. 🙂 express tix are just a waste of money.

After that, tired of walking around, tried to find one of the halal eating places to eat and rest for awhile.We chose Goldilocks. I had their chicken fingers.. which was like $6 for a few pieces… Softie’s whole meal cost him $10. But it tasted good. 🙂 so thats ok.

So after the houses, i was just so interested in observing the deco and the scareactors and their makeup. I would have to say that Attack of the Vampires (scare zone)  had one of the best hair, costume and make up. Very nice..

Then there was at one point, we were passing through Convention of Curses (scare zone) after watching a mesmerizing fire show and passing by one of the scareactors hanging round his, i dunno.. potions booth? he was a supposed warlock with long pointy nose and complete warlock-wear.. came up to us and rasped at me the following:

“Do you believe in magic?”

Me: *avoiding eye contact*.. god knows how awkward conversations with these scareactors are. “ummm.. yes.”

He just kept following us, and staring..

So i thought he maybe didn’t hear me.. So i looked over and repeated: “YES..”

He paused thoughtfully and then rasped again ” I DON’T“.

well. wasn’t that an intelligent conversation. I suppose that was his ‘normal’ self coming through. Interesting though isn’t it?

Then we also watched the Monster Rock (a sort of.. interactive musical i would say?) Halloween edition, and this time they had Beetlejuice!! One of my favourite childhood characters. HE IS SO ADORABLE and hysterical. I liked their performance.

So… yeap. everything tired me out.. but it was a good day. 🙂 i enjoyed myself.

Sorry for all the awful quality pictures.. not all of us have SLRs or even bother to take pictures ok (all credits of photos to Mr Softie.. i was too busy getting mentally hysterical. It was a hilarious night) I had fun!


So just a little picture of Owinge for your time.. He looks kind of like a prairie dog doesn’t he?

p/s: in my absence, i saw a little bit of activity going on in this blog; just wanted to say hi to you people! thanks for creeping by and slinking off silently.. for the recurring ones, you’re quiet aren’t you hmm? Thanks anyway  :B


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