not-as-fluffy-as-i-like makeup brushes.. and some camwhorins’.


I am going to start with my gratefulness list.. life is great you know.

Happiness List:

– I found Kiss My Face shampoo! Although it *is* very far from my neighborhood.. In fact, it is actually completely out of the way, and this is the first time i have ever set my eyes on a Kiss My Face product. Ever. So i am super psyched about it.. (does anyone say “i’m psyched!” anymore? hmm..) You can be sure i grabbed it as soon as i saw it.. cos i bought 2 conditioners previously (organix) and NO SHAMPOO. I know right?! where my eyes at?! the back of my head?! So yes! very excited about this.. Hopefully it helps with my hair condition. -___- (erm.. the condition is that it is like autumn on my head.. not in a flattering way, its more like dried leaves all over)

– Mr Softie found me my City of Ashes for me!! PLUS IT WAS THE LAST ONE ON THE SHELF. I feel so super grateful to him… i owe him many many hugs. I now have the entire TMI collection and also The Infernal Devices book 1 and 2, and another new book i picked up, i believe i’ve mentioned on a previous entry called The Golem and the Jinni.. and that should keep me busy for awhile.. enough to make me not want to socialize and just keep on reading and reading and reading and stock up on green tea & snacks. YAY! *party mode* <<indeed, my idea of a party.

– I know i never mentioned, but… i have a new plushy friend for sleep! I found TOTORO! my favourite anime character from My Neighbor Totoro.. I’ve ALWAYS wanted him and now i have him. He was expensive actually but the fact that Anson (our kitty) can also share him with me makes it worthwhile. They look alike to be honest.. both fat and ridiculously cute. Note to self: pls take  selfies with him!

– And the fact that Soap & Glory is actually animal-friendly! want proof? Read this blog entry by Humanely Chic when she emailed them asking about their practices and views about animal testing.. I wish they would advertise it more that they don’t actually test on animals. You know, don’t hide this kinda stuff.. it makes people like me desperate and keep on second guessing.. I don’t really understand why some brands don’t put simple small prints like that. Hmm. They should be proud! unless of course, they’re hiding something………………………………………….


So today i wanted to actually talk about the two brushes i got myself. I actually went to Sephora wanting to look for a huge fluffy powder brush (i used a Kabuki by ELF before this, which is all very well and dandy.. but i just figured i need a powder brush) and also an angled blush brush.. and the ones i got from Sephora were PERFECT i thought.. I already bought them.. It was only till i got home and googled their details only to find out that they were, disappointingly, made of goat hair. I was disappointed because the girl wasn’t very well informed and told me that those brushes were “probably synthetic”. I won’t trust anyone else from now on until i have made my own research. HMPH.

And anyway, i am allergic to animal hair brushes. They don’t transfer products very well to the face and collect bacteria easily.. (just like our own hairs..) thats why i prefer synthetics. Besides, synthetics are SUPER SOFT.. I have yet to try bamboo brushes. 😀

Ok so the night that i found out it was goat hair, was the same night i feverishly looked up online to see what other brushes i could exchange to… and i stumbled upon Too Faced‘s website.

I fell in love with their Powder Pouf brush:

It’s not as fat as the one i got from Sephora Professionals collection.. But it’s so dang prettay.. look at the little black bow! And i LOVE that they market it as made of “teddy bear hair”, which is 100% synthetic. So i exchanged for this the next day, and they didn’t have an angled blush brush so i had no choice but to get  the Good Karma angled blush brush from Urban Decay:

Which is so shiny and sleek and it feels nice and heavy in the hands. Wish it was fluffier/fatter/denser though.. i dunno, i just have a thing for fluffy things. fluffy plushies, fluffy & fat kitties, fluffy brushes… they feel nice on the face. ^^



So i’m super happy.. and i guess below will be a series of camwhorings. You may leave now if you don’t wish to go blind. It’s been awhile since i gave myself some lovin’.

IMG_6225 IMG_6226

 IMG_6228 IMG_6229

Feelin’ prettay. Bet this is the face Softie likes very much.IMG_6230 IMG_6231 

Me. Partying by mahself. Actually i wanted it to look happening, ya know? But i guess it just looks like i have a mental disorder of some kind. (no offense to anyone with any mental disorder)

IMG_6251yes.. i is Hagrid’s cousin… OH BTW DO YOU GUYS KNOW JK ROWLING IS WRITING A SCREENPLAY FOR “FANTASTIC BEASTS & WHERE TO FIND THEM”???? Its all over tumblr.. the fandoms have risen. 🙂 it’s beautiful. I’m so excited!! back to Hogwarts innit?!


  Oh, and i played with the lovely new plum color lippie by Sephora, in “Bewitch Me”. I dunno how i really feel about this color? I really like it… It’s super bold, i might wanna wear this out real soon.

Alright. Bedtime, bunnies. off you trot..


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