Was somebody tortured at the expense of your beauty products?

well, HI AGAIN!

The other day i went to Pet Safari looking for a new kitty shampoo. Previously i got the Hobo brand but that was so long ago i am so sure it is probably expired by now.. The last bath using Hobo, my hands ITCHED. So i am pretty positive, if i can’t take it on my skin, it wouldn’t do well on my cat’s skin.

So off i went searching. You must know me, the only thing i require from most products i buy, the *least* theyย  could do, is to be cruelty-free — that is that they are NOT tested on animals. This is SUPER important to me and i wouldn’t deliberately buy a product without researching on it (usually after i bought it, since most of the time i dunno what i’m looking for) or if i was prepared and i knew what i was looking for, then i probably would have known it was animal-friendly.

I try really hard to go cruelty-free. I am hoping i could do BETTER than i already am trying right now. But baby steps yeah?

I’ve mentioned before that i usually buy products that print on their labels (“NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS” ) or summat like that, but even then, without the real Leaping Bunny logo or even the “cruelty-free” bunny logo, there are ALOT of loopholes in the label “NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS” . Do they mean that they :

– Don’t test the finished product on animals? or

– They get other reps to test on animals for them? or

– Only the ingredients sourced weren’t tested on animals?


This is just a principle of mine that i wish to live by and i wished companies were more transparent about their ugly practices or especially the non-ugly ones. It makes me happy and i feel better knowing my brushes have no goat hair or squirrel fur, or that products i buy are vegan or animal-friendly (even though i am obviously not a vegan.. HOWEVER, the least i could do is question where my money is going, right? If it’s going somewhere that i CLEARLY have a power over, as a consumer.. then i would do something about it) I do NOT want my A SINGLE OF MY HARD EARNED CENT to be funding unnecessary animal tests especially when there are other alternatives that are easier, more modern, cheaper and more humane (i am looking at you Lo’Real, or however you’re spelt as.. Maybelline and all the rest of you)

The problem is, a lot of the companies that are cruelty-free, aren’t available here in Asia, to really keen Asians LIKE ME. I am a very traditional shopper and i very much prefer going into shops than shopping online, but i try hard. (Barry M??? will you come here please.. *sadded*)

Also, a lot of the mammoth parent companies are buying over lots of the smaller, cruelty-free brands and as a consumer, even though they say that they STILL won’t stop being cruelty-free even though their parent company is well known for NOT sharing the same views as them (Oh, The Body Shop.. *sigh* we could’ve been great friends) I wouldn’t want to invest my money on them BECAUSE it will still be feeding the parent company in the end.

So i’m quite at a loss.

I really love cosmetics and i really *do* want to be more compassionate in my shopping.. So..

It’s a challenge i will gladly accept.

Sorry i kept rambling, but it has bugged me over the years. Now that i can afford excellent quality make up, and i’m really pleased about this fact, the more that i want to watch who i am spending my money on. I want it to be worth it. I want the make up to be GREAT,ย  i also want it to be 100% animal-friendly, meaning NO ingredients were tested on animals, NO finished product was tested on animals, i want my make up brushes to be 100% synthetic (taklon preferably, it’s got excellent effect for me! more on that in tomorrow’s post)

And yes.

That is about all that i ask.

Surely that’s not too hardย  to cater to?

Neither am i just speaking for myself. I want my pet products to be animal friendly too. How sick does a person have to be if the product you’re using ON YOURSELF was experimented on another living soul before it was safe for yourself?? When in reality you have an alternative choice of a way to be sure it’s safe for consumption? It’s not a nice feeling.. Not nice at all. Unless you’re a self-absorbed prick. (which, unfortunately for the human race, they are)

So anyway!

I shall quit the rant for now, and talk about today’s post!

As i said at the start of this post, i went in search for a new kitty shampoo for Owinge. ๐Ÿ™‚

And i picked up this brand, called Menforsan. I don’t know, is it spanish? or french? I’m sorry, if anyone could enlighten me that would be awesome.

IMG_6163Firstly, of course i checked the label and there was a bunny logo and text that went around it saying “NOT TESTED ON CAPTIVE ANIMALS” — well, sounds promising! (I don’t know if the previous Hobo cat shampoo was even cruelty-free.. glad to be rid of it in any case, cos my hands itched!)

Secondly, the scent is SO ADORABLE .. it’s almost cherry/strawberry scent and although i am aware Owinge is a boy.. he smells so adorable now… i just wanna keep picking him up and sniffing him.

Thirdly , the shampoo seems good enough! My hands didn’t itch, it’s a small bottle so i hope i can finish within the year (expiry and all that..) It was quite a long wash for him cos i had to make sure there was no more residue on him. It didn’t lather up too much, but iย  think thats ok, right? Anything that is too foamy surely isn’t good (even for us humans).

After the shower he INSTANTLY looked waaaaay floofier and bright! And he was SO SOFT to the touch.. Like i said, i just want to keep sniffing him, and also squeezing him.. he just looked TOO CUTE. Owinge has a tendency to get dirt around his ears and the shampoo took care of that VERY WELL, so he’s all floofy and clean. He seems pleased to be clean too.. (he doesn’t like bathing days much either, but he behaves quite well that i really don’t mind bathing him)

So overall i am very super happy that i got this. The brand has another shampoo for bug control too (for fleas, ticks etc.. it was a green color liquid, not this soft pink) but i figured that one must be very strong and tough, so i opted for the softer, milder one. Don’t wanna be too harsh on his skin, do we?

IMG_6169See how clean he looks!

IMG_6170Cleaner faceย  too, clean ears especially. Nice soft chest fur.

IMG_6175Brighter looking coat..



IMG_6181Ok last one.

And then while i’m at it, why don’t i post these two sweethearts too.. Kit Kat & Choky.. ๐Ÿ™‚ they hardly sleep together.




Ok next post (tomorrow, hopefully), i wanna talk about the make up brushes i got from UD & Too Faced (teddy bear hair! CUTENESS! AND PINK! *dies*)

Ok goodnight! (or good morning, if you will ๐Ÿ™‚

p/s anyone has any nice cosmetic brands and even cat-care brands that are cruelty-free you wanna give me a heads-up on?? would really appreciate it :DD hee hee. Thanks!


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