A sunny walk in the park



I wanna have a picnic here please!!!! I really like picnics and this little spot looks heavenly.. Please Mr Softie.. *puss-in-boots wide eyed expression*

Today was a very lovely sunny day. It’s also the first day of JAC’s holiday to KL without me.. (So it should be J&C).. And I am strangely excited for them and I hope they stay safe and have fun over there.

Anyway, today was gorgeous and peaceful and well, I had FUN! I know, I know.. I don’t look like the walk-a-lot type.. But believe me, you wouldn’t have a choice if you’re with Mr Softie. I think I grew leg muscles ever since 4 years ago. O_o We had a REALLY LONG TREKKING at the park(s) — plural, as there are several parks linked together.

But I enjoy it! Of course not when I’m super tired and just want to chill and be silent.. (He hasn’t yet figure out when I am in that mood. Which is often..so he’ll just keep yakking at me, but its ok i think. unless it just annoys me too much & ill snap at him. hmm) Ok, but I enjoyed today! It was REALLY TIRING. And it was REALLY HOT, the sun was just blazing.. But when it started to get dark, I just felt wistful. I just wished Mr Sun hung around longer.


Look at the Reflections @ Keppel Bay.. It’s the prettiest building I have ever wished to stay in. It looks like freaking Elysium. Ummm, it would fit in Elysium anyway. (Anyone watched that movie yet? With Matt mmmmhmmmhotstuff Damon? ) I thought that movie just about summed up this whole world in 2 hours. It was so relatable..




We went to Alexandra Garden Trail.. Which links to Hort Park and Henderson Waves.. And we walked the whole freaking stretch and STILL we haven’t covered everything. I really wanna go back there soon. Next time when I have recharged ok?



Let me tell you how torturous walking with Mr Softie can be sometimes. He treats me like I’m in military.. When we were going up slope and I just couldn’t take it and wanted to slow down. He pushed me from behind and barked at me “LEFT! RIGHT! LEFT! RIGHT!” Lolwhatthepucks?? HAHAHAHHAHAHHA if I wasn’t so tired I would have been laughing hysterically.


See? Another Elysium-like residence. I LOVE Keppel Bay I’m telling ya. Anyone lives there? Can we be friends? *creeping on you*

My favourite plant!!! Looks like a kitty’s tail. :’) awwww just look at it.. All floppy and shit..





It was a beautiful day. 🙂 so glad to have spent it the way we did.. this is the finer things in life. Just enjoying the world in itself.

Next, is books.. And cute animal friends.

Ok bye.

P/s: and then after that went to meet Softie’s friend and his girlfriend whom I like.. (You must know I hardly meet new people) and here’s a really bad quality photo of us. lol.



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