The Mortal Instruments movie? Or Book?

I have FINALLY watched my The Mortal Instruments (TMI): City of Bones!! And I have watched Percy Jackson (another one of the awesome series by Rick Riordan! but the first movie disappointed me, i understand it’s an interpretation, but I just can’t with the movie… but that is another story..)

However, i wouldn’t say TMI disappointed me, nope! it sure didn’t.. of course there were things that were different between the two but i could sense a whole lot of effort to follow the book generally pretty closely. And to be honest, i just really really really like Cassandra Clare’s sense of humor in her book(s).. She’s fun. I’m actually stalking her blog, website and tumblr now. I am an official fangirl SO SUE ME. I just went out to Popular bookstore to go get City of Ashes but i am just CRUSHED. There were only books 3, 4 and 5.. so i just got those along.. and umm, I’ve been VERY SUPER CURIOUS about her prequels The Infernal Devices too, for months now but i never knew it was her, it’s before she even got famous.. I mean, who is Clare anyway, i’ve never heard of her or her books. I only started reading her only because i got the TMI inspired NYX make up box set O_O and then i got curious. And look how hooked i am now.

It’s crazy.

So yeah. I grabbed The Infernal Devices (TID): Clockwork Angel and also Clockwork Prince… i left out Clockwork Princess because i don’t think i should be sweeping the whole freaking shelf clean (i really love how it’s deliciously thick though!) And anyway, i thought TID would occupy me while waiting for my City of Ashes. It just doesn’t seem right to read the 3rd book first. It’s just not right……… right? no no.. i shouldn’t. I’ll keep them pristine first. *fans self* oh my.. so many books to read! my heart is all a-fluttered. *puts a hand on my chest*

Ok! So today, i’m feeling quite chatty (type-y, rather), and i still want to relive the movie moments. So therefore, a blog post dedicated to it is the only natural thing to do.

I am going to talk about (a few of) the characters for both book & movie, most likely to write how physically different or same as I imagined them in the books and a few other faults I felt while watching the show. I think Clare thinks up interesting (and sometimes rather aggravating characters. She’s a fun one)

Clary Fray (Protagonist) – I’m not really that “closely bonded” with Clary as reader to heroine (yet). I think she can be flaky, but I thought she was really good in the movie! She seemed much more braver and UN-stupid. The movie Clary also wakes up in the mornings looking completely gorgeous with perfect lush eyebrows and all.. It was humanly impossible. It’s not fair. How to wake up looking like that? I wake up everyday looking like I got run over by stampeding Pamplona bulls and extraterrestrial-looking non existent eyebrows. HOW? She has set a standard I have yet to achieve. Dammit. I always imagined Isabelle being the ‘prettier’ of the two.. But in the movie.. I mean both are gorgeous of course. Ok never mind. I am so shallow.

Book or movie ? — Movie. Because Clary is just that little bit more reliable and stronger.

Isabelle Lightwood – I am glad the book and movie Isabelle are physically strong looking, and she didn’t sound as bitchy as she is in the book. She just sounds perpetually impatient.

Book or movie? — Book. No explanations.

Jace Wayland – Jace is such a pretty boy *starry eyed* and in the book I didn’t find it *too* repulsive that he kissed Clary who is his love interest in this story (who ended up to be — wait for it — his sister. But in the movie, I just.. Recoiled. I actually went and googled fan forums desperately asking if they REALLY ARE RELATED BLOODYHELL HOW MESSED UP DO I HAVE TO BE TO ROOT FOR INCEST BUT!!! I am so GLAD that somebody in one of the fan forums clarified that they are NOT actually related, only tricked into thinking so.. and that they did get together properly a few books later. I can now sleep soundly with a free conscience. Otherwise I would be thinking why am I reading this morally wrong piece of work?! Why?! I’m sorry for getting all hysterical over here.. Okay? It’s just been a tough few days thinking they were related and wondering if I was actually a sick person wishing they got together. ANYWAY, Jace.. Yeah well, Jace is a sexy one. But a wee bit too skinny isn’t he though? Boy, you need a cheeseburger.. But he’s very very very charming (love his accent, please.. *fans self*) and so snarky! Me likey. *perving at him* They made a good choice when they casted him. He’s got great lines in the book, and they really did try to incorporate it. I really liked the garden scene where he was telling Clary about his falcon story. That one broke my heart in the book, it broke me a second time when I heard it in the movie. Poor boy.. I guess I like him cos he seems all tough wannabe, sarcastic and all tortured-soulish and he builds up all these walls around him, but in actuality he is just a softie. Awww

Book or movie? — BOTH! He’s perfect.

Simon Lewis (Clary’s BFF who is in love with her) – he is EXACTLY HOW I IMAGINED SIMON LOOKING LIKE! And I do wish Clary and him happened (no I mean Jace is fine.. Of course. But I can’t help but feel touched by Simon) He’s such a sweetheart and so geeky.

Book or movie? — BOTH

Magnus Bane – I imagined him to be flamboyantly dressed and not as pretty as he is in the movie (did I miss the memo that he was supposed to be super gorgeous??? Or what?) He was supposed to be very clever and Cheshire-cat ish in character but I didn’t get that feel from the Bane in the movie. Also at the party he threw at his place in the book, he actually was supposed to be wearing these fabulous rainbow pants – but in the movie, imagine my disappointment to see he had on NO PANTS. I wanted to see clever Cheshire Cat-ish Rainbow pants-clad Magnus Bane! Where is he?! Where are his pants?! For crying out loud. Just give him pants for gods sake, ANY PANTS at all for him to wear. Never do I want to see that short shorts on a man again. Gay or not.

Book or movie? — BOOK. The pants were WIN! Alas.. But just maybe, they didn’t want him wearing rainbow to prevent him looking straight out of an 80s disco.. But that doesn’t mean you make him NOT WEAR BOTTOMS OK?!

Last but not least;

Valentine Morgenstern – The villain. Unfortunately for her, father of Clary Fray (daddy issues hey! Who doesn’t have them?) Daddy has got some really sick hobbies.. And he’s got more than a few notes of satanism to him (especially in the movie) I imagined him taller and more commanding and intimidating. Not that he isn’t crazy looking enough in the movie.. Just.. You know, it’s just what I expected. However I think the movie Valentine is just good enough. Yes. He is. He certainly is badass and corrupt… Just not evil enough.. Maybe in the subsequent books. So I shall be patient.

Book or movie? — Book !… And movie, on second thoughts.


The Portal – initially I was thinking why was everyone always so sweaty looking in this movie.. Until I realised it was actually the portal. The portal was made of water.. It was, of course too wet for my liking. I guess it was too difficult to waterproof the characters. -_-

The Silent Brothers – So happy with how the SB bros look like! Stitched mouths, no eyes, cowled.. Perfectly executed. They are one of my favourites in city of bones! And the great library. I love books with libraries in them.. Sigh. One day, I might be able to visit some of the greatest libraries in this world.

I am now reading The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Angel, and there is a better description of the SB brother(s) appearance in there.. So far I just only finished reading a 100 over pages.. And what do I think of the prequel? Well. It’s too early to say. It’s set in Victorian era in London.. It’s quite slow moving but I’m ok with that! I’m a very indulgent and patient reader. The thicker and more descriptive a book is (to a point, and within reason) the more I would just want to buy snacks and curl up with it and this is the kind of book that I want to do just that. 🙂

I am awaiting for my TMI City of Ashes, ok? I really am. All I wanna do is just read book two. -_-

Ok it’s past bedtime..


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