The Mortal Instruments by NYX make up set Intro

Back again, lovers.

Before we start, however, can i just alert you, my lil bunnies, that there is this such thing called LIVE KITTEN CAMS??




What it means is that you can perversely spy stare at cute lil kittens AND darling lil puppies ALL day who are being recorded LIVE.  (maybe pay someone else in china to do the job for you, i have read an article about this guy who did just that, and i admire that article SO MUCH) We have technology to thank for ok?? I LOVE WEBCAMS, i love live kitten  cams! One of them i watched was here! On Animal Planet.

You *do* know what this means, surely?

It means you have to  stock up on snacks and drinks and fully charge your laptops or sit beside a working socket and just.. you know what to do. I have heard that some of the live kitten cams (just google the phrase and lots will pop up) especially those in rescue  centers actually let you adopt, which i think is super great!

Well then, go forth my son. And enjoy… (it’s better than.. well, whatever you’re watching, seriously)

As promised. I don’t usually keep to my words (not until few days have passed) but here i am posting again. yes.

You will probably win the lottery and 4D if you got yourselves one since i am being unusually on point today.. Maybe you wanna grab that chance? Go.

So this entry will just be  a short introductory post about The Mortal Instruments box set by NYX (intro, not review, i usually call these ‘chats’ or ‘talks’. Reviews are just too formal-sounding, but they’re tagged as reviews. yes), which i bought using my birthday gift from friends, which are Spehora Vouchers… I bought because, if you haven’t guessed it: Its a box. I really LIKE boxes very much. I guess i know how cats feel now.. (they shred it to pieces whereas i, like to keep them in pristine conditions, ahem. Not really pristine, but fairly good)
Anyway Let’s talk about The Mortal Instruments for a bit, it’s actually a fantastic series written by Cassandra Clare and you can read a short review i did about the first book: City of Bones, on my GoodReads over here. I absolutely really liked the book and, well yeah. I really need to get the second book City of Ashes like soon… which reminds me i need to get Jessica Verday’s books as well. Sigh sigh sigh..

Ok, let’s start!

2013-08-10 22.08.24

2013-08-10 22.08.53

2013-08-10 22.09.10

I feel so dramatic with my chubby fingers approaching the lid like that.. Anyway, the knob on top of the box is sturdy and screwed in actually. So it’s very secure. The box itself is very thick, i am supposing is cardboard. But really thick and sturdy material. Fellow box lovers, trust me on this.

2013-08-10 22.09.43

2013-08-10 22.10.34

And TA-DA! Peek what’s inside!

2013-08-10 22.12.14It’s a 2-page look’book’ . On the left you can channel your inner Clary with lighter color.. on the right, Isabelle’s darker more kohl-ed (as described and imagined in the book.. Isabelle is fab, man. She’s super gorgeous) and dramatic look.

2013-08-10 22.13.40

So it comes with this black sheer drawstring pouch also.

2013-08-10 22.14.28

2013-08-10 22.45.45

2013-08-10 22.17.28

2013-08-10 22.18.52

Here, i just wanted to hightlight that at the back of the shadow palette, they said they’re cruelty-free! So that’s awesome. No bunnies harmed for your beauty. It was also one of the reasons why i wanted to buy this box.. cos i knew NYX was just cool like that.

So far, i have only tried a few items from the box..

  • the Jumbo eye Pencil (i would RAVE ABOUT THIS! it is the most perfect pencil i have ever owned)
  • the Soft Matte Lip Cream (which is a really nice soft pale pink that’s matte textured. the doe foot applicator glided so beautifully on my lips and i just feel quite addicted to it actually. But i have rather frequent chapped lips and it just needs to be worn on more TLCed lips.. which is a lot of work for me. BUT I LOVE IT SO MUCH. i’ve never worn anything thats textured like this before.. and i wear it quite a lot so i might be running out) \

Below is a pic of me wearing the lip cream 😀 You see what i mean by why i need eye creams? Ok nevermind. Just look at the lip color though..


  • the Studio Liquid Liner (do you know, the first time i wore this i actually had swollen eye lids after removal and i stayed away from it for a week and when i tried it on again it was fine! It’s been a REALLY long while since i wore liquid liners but this one is just nice and very precise! my liquid liner skills was pretty rusty but i managed..)

And the rest : palette, mascara & blusher i still haven’t tried. Blusher not yet because i’m still on my honeymoon period with my precious Urban Decay Naked Flushed.. but i probably will try this on one of my work days.. it looks too pretty to pass.

2013-08-10 22.20.26

Look at the pretty peachy/coral and shimmers! Can’t wait to try.

2013-08-10 22.21.59

This is the Smokey shadow palette.. For shadows i’m not really a purple person. I never know what to do with purples??? I usually look like i got a black eye so i’m not really keen on looking like Mr  Softie just punched me. But i haven’t even tried swatching the colors yet.. I tried looking this palette up online to see reviews, and many have said it’s not pigmented.. so maybe it’s not THAT up there and fantastic.. but it’ll do for some. I’m not sure about the purple.. but i rather like the brown, blue, white and shimmery black.

Actually since i have my Naked 1 shadow palette i don’t need another palette… i might wanna give this away.

2013-08-10 22.22.10

It looks pretty badass in the palette though.. maybe can apply with a wet brush for more pigments? hmm.

2013-08-10 22.22.33 2013-08-10 22.24.18

2013-08-10 22.24.36

Normally i prefer my mascara brushes to be thicker, i really stuck with Revlon’s Grow Luscious waterproof till now, i wear it first then after that i’ll use my Benefit’s They’re Real! mascara.. I’m not sure if this one will be runny and slow-drying (super dislike those), but it might not be! SO I WILL TRY SOON. 🙂 I have stubborn rod straight lashes -___- so it might be very annoying with the wrong mascara that doesn’t hold a curl.

2013-08-10 22.26.28

2013-08-10 22.28.02

and then because i purchased the box, they gave me complimentary tickets for two for the movie! 😀 happy gal.

I have yet to watch it still. 😦 no time!

2013-08-10 22.29.49

And then i collected my free birthday gift from Sephora.. this super tiny palette. 4 eyeshadows, 2 lipglosses and 1 blush. Cute!

2013-08-10 22.30.23

————————————————–below are the rest of my purchase with the vouchers:

  1. Soap & Glory’s You won’t Believe your Eyes! eye cream
  2. Soap & Glory’s Wish upon a Jar

I have included their packaging descriptions. They seem cute. I don’t think i am suitable for the Wish Upon a Jar.. =/ and i switch between Body Shop’s Elderflower eye gel (refrigerated) and the S&G’s eye cream. Because both are different textures, i don’t know if i can comment on that. I NEED an eye cream that would work for me pretty please. So i’ll try these first.. 🙂

2013-08-10 22.34.43

2013-08-10 22.35.25

2013-08-10 22.37.29

2013-08-10 22.38.34

2013-08-10 22.39.18

2013-08-10 22.39.55

2013-08-10 22.40.45  2013-08-10 22.47.15 2013-08-10 22.48.22

Anyone would like the Wish upon A Jar? it’s not contaminated as i take it out with Q-tip and warm between my fingers before i apply……. Seems a shame to throw. I think i’ll give it away (to locals though). Just tell me if you’re keen!

Well, it’s late! Gonna go put my mask on and off to bed!

Goodnight bunnies!

Fondest Love.


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