social media scares, craigslist & new kitty scratcher. LONG ENTRY

Two days ago i’ve had this weird “scare”, i received an email wanting to confirm with me whether i asked to reset my password for facebook. I didn’t even touched my facebook. This gave me the jitters man. Like, i dont even know who or what did it or why i received that email (i reported that it wasn’t me) and it got me thinking, normally if it’s a person, it would be that they clicked on “forgot password” and request for a new password right? Surely not “reset password”? I didn’t see any such function on the site. So i’m rather confused about this.

I don’t know why i’m even worried. I don’t really put my life and stuff online. Sure, i have all these accounts twitter, instagram, facebook, tumblr, and obviously this blog.. but i hardly even update. -__- I guess i just feel insecure, and mildly violated (full-on violated is if really my FB wall is suddenly filled with porn videos and i have no idea about it) I think i’m writing this here is just to gently remind you to Please be careful of the things you do or post online. Digital life is very fragile and you can think of all ways to secure your computer and accounts and there would *still* be third parties..

Anyone who knows me *super* well would know i am a very paranoid person, it’s ridiculous. But the stuff i think makes sense to me. LOL

Next Advise: Always pay cash.

Cash is untraceable.

Ok, now i sound like a fugitive. I is not. Although sisters often say i have criminal tendencies…………………………………………………… NO OK.

I don’t.

If i publish this, are the SG govt gonna keep tabs on me. omg.

*innocent wide-eyed expression*

Anyway, today is going to be a random, long and rambly post.

Just 2 nights ago, one of my sisters was sharing with me about how one of her acquaintances was very distant, didn’t wanna share private things with her or even wanting to share more about her life as a human being / person. Umm.. and she got all passionate about it.. Hmm.

Upon self reflection, i actually saw many similarities between that acquaintance and myself.

I have been working for more than a year in my current job and each time they asked for my facebook or any other social media, i upfront rejected them. Saying i don’t use facebook.. which to me is a white lie, you know why? because all i do on facebook is look at other animal/cat accounts and like their pictures, occasionally share an inspirational animal picture with a quote on it, and link my instagram with facebook so whatever i post on insta reflects on my FB. I visit some FB groups and lurk around there… i’m a serial lurker. So, yes. I don’t ‘use’ facebook as in post anything that would make me more interesting than my already present self. So why should i have colleagues on my friend list? We aren’t friends. Who am i trying to kid, right? I would much rather have strangers on my list. honestly.

I always thought having colleagues on FB especially management is super dangerous. so no thanks.. Social media is also considered private/home life for me, which i don’t feel like sharing. Home is home. work shouldn’t be on there. That’s how i feel, anyway.

I think i only ever accepted 1 foreign girl who is now no longer working with the company on my fb, and another 1 more girl from our sister brand on my instagram, whom i consider really is a trust able friend. Not just a colleague.

Breaktimes, for 7-8months i refused to go for break with ANYONE there. i always brought a book and read during my breaks after meal. But then that one friend from the sister brand came and my routine changed. I realized this is one girl i don’t have to be fake with and who wouldn’t fake with me and i liked her instantly.. she’s the only person i would gladly go to breaks with. She is still not on my FB though, but why should she? there’s nothing there. FB is not a sign of true friendship right?

So yeah. Tough to make real friends in this world. But i’m very happy with the current ‘settings’.. It’s not i am arrogant, i’m not. i’m very friendly actually. It’s not that i hate people, i am tolerant and civilized and a very, very private not-very-sociable person. And i guess i sort of understand what my sister’s acquaintance was doing. It might not be exactly the same, but it’s similar.

so yay! *party poppers & confetti* i’m not the only “strange” colleague. 😀

Yesterday i was looking through craigslist Singapore and just for the fun of it, went to the personals section and then for even more fun of it, clicked on “strictly platonic”. I was so curious what it’s all about.. so people *do* really go online to find other people? Yeah i mean i suppose it’s easier.. but for dates? with FACELESS STRANGERS. It’s fascinating to me i guess.

But the funniest i found was an ad for a cat to find a home!!!

At first, i thought the ad just sounded creepy and sleazy coming from someone desperate.

lap cat craigslistI WAS LOL-ing so hard when i found out it was an ad for a cat after my initial disgust.. hahahahahhahahahahahaahahha

I got confused when after s/he was ok with male caucasian, s/he was also ok with a lady. i was like, wtf.. is this person bi or something?

HAHAHAHAHA good one, poster.

Actually i was on craigslist wanting to look through their jobs, and also wanting to know how they work because i think i am going to do some overhaul and i would probably have some stuff to sell, or actually i rather liked the idea of swaps/bartering. Previously i was keen on doing flea markets, and even wanted to ask friends who wanted to join as well.. but i realize we’re probably all very busy individuals and would probably fare better if we sold online or something. I know i’m a very lazy shopper and often buy stuff online.. so i figured others are probably too? i dunno.  I’m still researching.

I was also interested to see if i could get anywhere with my huuuuuuuge love for cats. I figured if i could offer cat sitting services and there are people keen (i now know there are. weird, but true) that would be great! So maybe i shall make a page for that. Still researching on it..

Oh. And i know it’s already a month but i believe i haven’t posted pictures of the new kitty scratcher i bought??? how could i.

What’s wrong with me.. Yeah well i got it at Pet Safari at Vivocity actually. I don’t know to consider it leopard print or not? it looks like a cow print too, so i’m not too sure.

Below are pictures of the scratcher… i love it. ^^

IMG_4806 IMG_4807 IMG_4810 IMG_4811 IMG_4812 IMG_4813 IMG_4814 IMG_4815 IMG_4816

Lol!! at this part he got stuck already and didn’t know how to let go so he just kept on swinging around… so cuteeeeee


IMG_4818 IMG_4819 IMG_4820 IMG_4821 IMG_4824 IMG_4825 IMG_4826 IMG_4827 IMG_4828 IMG_4831 IMG_4832

End of photo series.

Next, i’m supposed to talk about my Mortal Instruments (which, i HAVENT WATCHED the movie yet!!! so ankry at myself ) NYX makeup box! In the next post. i need to decided if i’ll do it tonight or what.. o_o


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