Salam Lebaran 2013 to all muzleem friends!

Hello! it’s eve of Hari Raya! it’s actually 12.43AM in the morning.. and everyone is asleep except for me.

I’m still here!

IMG_5039[1]Just look at sweet little cow Mimi.. being all luscious and stuff.

Am hoping to put up a few posts by the coming week… unless procrastination starts hugging me from the back and holding me comfortingly in it’s warm blankets… PHOTOS! photos always do the talking right? right! OK go. I’ll do stuff by mobile then. way easier. tsk!

Have a good day stuffing your faces with rendang and sambal gorengs and curry chicken. Oooohh just the thought is making me tempted to go into the kitchen and just… OK NO ASFA NO. self control.

P/s : remember to be sure that all kitties/pets stay indoors during this festive season with guests coming over, and that they have a safe little hideout especially if they’re very anti-social and are generally very anxious people 🙂 Just because, you know… it’s their home and it’s never nice to feel like they have no place to feel secure in. Kitty headbutts !

IMG_5049[1] IMG_5036[1]Just gonna throw in my face for good measure. Since i look all domestic helper-ish.


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