the 22ndth year.

Not a very exciting post. Kindly proceed with a blank expression.

Well… So it’s August now. Didn’t realize when that happened. August is also my birthday month. In fact, 22 years ago on this day, I was born. And in a few days will be the nation’s birthday.. Why couldn’t I just wait few days longer eh? Why come out earlier. I believe my lucky number is 5 though. Odd numbers be my charm.

Guess where I am on this wonderful supposedly blissful awesome day today. I’m out.. Obviously. Alone. To the library.

It’s called escapism and all of us who’ve felt trapped in our own lives understand. I don’t mean to sound all depressed and mizundaztood and all teen angst (goodness. Teen doesn’t apply to me anymore! Woe is me) but I left home today feeling sad and just.. Goodness. I think today was worse than yesterday. But we will get through this rough little patch, right? It’s probably just my unstable hormones singing in falsetto.

I had my mind preoccupied yesterday with silly angsty depressive stuff and I would’ve seen through the ‘surprise’ if I wasn’t……. But i didn’t see through. Heh heh heh. So you win. Sweet though my friends are.. They gave me one of the best things I like getting.


In gift card form.

Gift cards are like one of the best shtuff to receive. #1 would be bookstore gift cards (mmhmm!) and of course the second would be a Sephora one, for me!!! Now I can spend $100 mindlessly……… Go nuts. Ahhhhhhh my checklist.. Where is it.


I guess I shouldn’t have cut my fringe but its ok! Ill wear my hair up for the festivities and pray it’ll still look good.


Just looking at this makes my heart sing. I *love* trying new stuff.

Speaking of which, I already tried the lip injection, but I had lip balm on and I’m not sure if it worked? There was a very, very, super faint tingle.. And slight flush on the area it was applied on. So I suppose I need to try wearing it on bare skin next. See how it goes.
Treated myself to new top. I like dots I suppose. I feel like a particularly annoying looking pink ladybug.

I seriously have nothing to say. Quiet day is quiet. So I shall just read my beloved book now..

Currently Reading:

A Face Like Glass by Frances Hardinge.


I will attempt a book chat of this book once I’m done with all 487 pages.. *eekk! So much stuff to blog* *feels happy + secure*

Ok bye!


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