Beauty Chat : Soap & Glory “The Scrub of Your Life”

Ok. So…. *sheepishly shuffles feet* I am a little tardy on this post.. I think it’s more than a week already. I seriously have lack of discipline. So here it is..

*Deep Male TV commentator voice*

“Presenting , the much raved about, fabulous and sassy brand name all women should try before they die… Soap & Glory’s The Scrub of Your Life! Give them a round of applause!”

*thundering sound of clapping & you can see Soap & Glory-ers hugging each other, tears streaming down each of their faces*


I have only ever tried one other Soap and Glory product, which was the Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme lip plumper.. you may read the post here (one of my favorite posts, if i may say so myself *flicks hair*.. ) and to be honest, i really like their packaging. They have very catchy descriptions and sound very candid and fun, they’ve got this pin-up sexy vibe about them…… i *love* pin-up… when it’s not *too* booblicious and is done tastefully. I think there’s a thin line though………. I believe i am side tracking again.

So anyway! Yes. Read on.

photo 1

So there we are, the promised chat about these 3 little darlins’. I am, however going to be only talking about the scrub, and a little about the fun little ink. Because i have yet to try the Lip Injection………………

I know… i know.

Why am i such a weakling.

Are you scared?

-A little

Why did you buy it?
-Because i want Jolie Lips.

How do you know it’s painful?
-I believe i’ve looked it up time and time again… and there is pain involved.

Are You Scared of Pain?
-Nope. I stick needles in my eyes, perform thaipusam and walk on nails on a regular basis. I’m used to it.

Wow.. nasty. When do you think you’re going to try it?
-By this month…………………………………………………… next 10 years.Kidding

I will try it soon. No, it’s not i am afraid. I am just a tiny bit intimidated by it. I mean look, it’s all pastel pink and gold, so gentle and unassuming looking….. and yet…. YET…..!! Oh nevermind. Can somebody promise me it won’t be too painful? Like how exactly it feels like? I mean, i tried the S&G’s plumper and it tingles! how bad could this one be right… but why do the reviews i read about it sound so ominous… SOMEBODY… tell….. me……..

Ok! Enough. Man, i really don’t stop do i, when i start typing. geez.

photo 2So! Let’s start again!

I got this only because i ran out of my scrub and haven’t scrubbed in a month, and i felt like i was caked in dirt and felt like an oompa loompa (not that they’re caked in dirt or anything)…………. (i *love* scrubbing.. it’s so relaxing! probably one of my favorite treats) So i was browsing Sephora again.. as always.. I think i have a favorite person in the outlet i frequent too, and her name is Jessie, i believe. Although she always tries to sell me stuff…. i feel a strange fondness for her. I don’t even know why. -___-

My Verdict for The Scrub of Your Life is :



I swear. I’m not lying, and obviously i’m not sponsored to do this shit you know, i really only talk about stuff i really like on here.

And i honestly REALLY LIKE LOVE this scrub. Below are the plus points and not-so-plus points about it.

Why i LOVE it :

– Nice soft scent..

– It has a lather to it. Just like soap, only with beads, colorful beads may i add. I have never tried any scrub with frikkin’ lather before (it’s either i don’t get out much or really there is rarely such a thing) So with the lather, i feel so clean.

– The scrub beads aren’t harsh on the skin and are spaced well. I like it, at first i wasn’t used to the spacing, i’m like, how the heck do i scrub without scrubs?? But it works fine and is gentler.

– It washes off well leaving only a silky clean feeling. None of that residual paranoia. You know the one….. you feel like you didn’t rinse properly.. you know what i’m talking about right?

– It makes me feel all glowy and shizz! It really does.

I’ll use it twice a week.. and i always look forward to these sessions and spend almost an *hour in the bathroom. (*Don’t ask)

Why Anyone I would Dislike it :

– Nothing. I seriously have nothing bad to say about this. REALLY. I mean, it is a scrub that does what it says and makes you feel amazing than most scrubs. Ok, maybe i am exaggerating but it really does makes me feel good and that is what beauty products are supposed to do. Make you feel great about yourselves. i don’t know what else one would want from it? Make it tap dance across the table or something?

So yes! This is definitely a go-to scrub, although i like exploring products. (Junkie much) but i know whenever i feel dull and want to feel like i light up like a bulb, i’ll take this out.. insta-perk! I very much recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a scrub, or even if you aren’t, i’ll just keep talking at you, kay? it is that good.


photo 4And here you are! Sephora’s Tattoo Me!

It’s basically a stamp applicator you can ink yourself wherever you want one. It’s fun. It’s not supposed to be revolutionary or anything, but i *LOVE* stamps (the stationary kind), so why wouldn’t i like this stamp? There were 3 designs, an anchor, a star and this skull one. Since i’m a fierrrrceee bish, i chose skull. naturally. (Lol. omg. i feel like slapping me)

The ink actually is pretty difficult to wash off! Once i smudged it, it turned quite an unpleasant looking bruised purple color which feathered out and made it look bigger. It looked like i just branded myself with a poker (something i wish i could do to other people… heh heh heh.. jk.. but seriously).. So, if anyone of you got this and wants to use it on your face, careful there.. Might end up looking like a victim of mild domestic abuse. We don’t want that, do we?

photo 5

It’s adorable though, right? So kiddy. And fun. I like fun stuff. Stuff, in general. ho ho ho, i amuse myself to no end.

Enough chatter!

Some people have to work on sundays, ok?

Off to bed my little bunnies.

Hopefully by second week of August i can show off caviar-encrusted toenails. Lol. I really would like a manicure.

To Be Continued :

IMG_4762Kiss Kiss!


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