Morning Post

Well good morning then!

I just can’t seem to fall back to bed so here I am. Just rambling. As always. I’m just in PJs with hair sticking up all over the place, typing this on mobile WordPress (EXCELLENT APP!) and lazing it out on bed. Best feeling in the world. It’s my off day plus it looks like a FABULOUS morning. I wanted to go for a walk but I am lazy. -.- so to the blog we go. ONWARDS!

Yesterday I went for a sephora mini haul. To get into the festive spirit yeah. (Actually I just wanted to.. Trying to find excuses) and I KNOW I haven’t even posted about the new Soap & Glory scrub (fab btw), the Too Faced Lip Injection (too chicken to try to be honest. But I must!) and the novelty and fun Sephora Tattoo (in skull, no less. FIERCE ! Well. Not really. Kiddy but FIERCE! Just like a Hello Kitty spouting vulgarities, what dyou think?) anyway.

On yesterday’s trip I gots me my very own Caviar nail kit by Ciate! I have eyed it for a long while. Pictures later. I wanted the velvet crush but they didn’t have. *sadded* and its limited edition *feels special* but I STILL want the velvet crush, so Sephora!! This is not the last you see of me. I will be back with vigor.

And then there was that raaaailly nice gold foil speckles top coat. I love gold. LOVE IT *growls* oh and an essential retractable lip brush. We all hate brushes without covers right? Well, I do anyway. Especially lip brushes because then it’ll already be stained and sticky with your remnant lip products and when it sits in your make up bag, just like that…… Just… No. So I am damn glad I found it.

Ok ok.. This is such a useless post without pictures.. Dunno why I bother.

Ok since nobody is asking, I’m gonna ask myself: “Asfa! How are you??”

Why thank you for asking! If you insist.. *bashful*

I’ve been alright i suppose. Been surviving. Work is great just that we’re in a very sticky, messy political war over there. Lots of rubble to clear and yours truly has even been attacked.. Uncalled for really. But that’s ok. We all know there are people in this world who have no sense of appreciation whatsoever.Things that you do right and all the help you’ve given, nobody would say a thing or even acknowledge. So I’m not going to even try anymore.

Well! Wasn’t that just the cheeriest thing I could’ve written in the morning hmmm?

What a bleak plot twist. Wow.

Ok pretend I never wrote that. There, I even scratched it out for us. ^__^

And then, just small advises:

• never go visiting in hospitals at night.

• if you must, always go with a friend.

• don’t look left or right, just straight or downwards and focus on the destination.

• fear is a scent. Try to keep that pump regular honey!

I honestly think hospitals are the CREEPIEST places ever. Yesterday ST and I had to do some late night visiting. Actually it was supposed to be an overnight because the patient (Tigermom) was in a single bed room as they were out of 6 or 8 bedders, and she is as wimpy as we are. I am wimpiest, naturally. Unsurprising innit? And she requested we slept over. She was nagging the whole day, i am presuming, at the nurses to transfer her somewhere else.. With company and not isolated. They only managed to move her to a 2-bedder at around… Oh I dunno, was it 9 plus, 10?

We had no idea.

So we proceeded to make our way at around 10.30pm. It was very quiet out there. Nobody was about. Except maybe a cleaner. The wards were at another wing of the hospital. And the journey just to find the stupid ward was so winding and creepy. Just imagine, her ward is at level 6. The lift we took was only till level 4 and we had to go to level 4, walk another winding oh I dunno, triathlon? To lift lobby 8 and take the lift from there up to level 6.

I just can’t ok.

Not by myself. I would probably end up at the security guard’s office and there I would stay till morning, teeth chattering. Unable to go further. The hallways were dark and empty and the corridors were straight out of Resident Evil.

So when we reached her ward, we approached the nurses at the counter. One of them, a guy, was wearing this DAMN ZOMBIE/INFECTED looking contact lens! It was like light yellow with a black pupil. I mean what the pucks, buddy?? Gave us a fright. If he was going for the vegetarian vampire from Twilight look, he was doing it right. Maybe he was.. But did you not get the memo??? Right now what’s hot is bondage and S&M. 50 shades of grey???? Ring a bell? Maybe you can try wearing harnesses and latex suits next. But I digress. He can wear anything he wants. Maybe I could too.. Wear a white wig. Pull a Lady Gaga the next time I’m there. Hmm. Food for thought.

Anyway he then gave us directions to the 2-bedders which is a floor up. -____- actually I was already mentally prepped to overnight because i sure as heck didn’t wanna go through the winding obstacles again just to go back home. But that is exactly what we did. And I am so grateful that I wasn’t alone. So.. Glad she’s in a 2-bedder and has company, and I hope she will get better soon.

So that’s it for morning chatter. Don’t know what’s my itinerary for the day.. 😊 I shall take photos of the mini haul and hopefully can post some more later today..

Good morning !

P/s: tried the DIY fine sugar + olive oil face scrub! first DIY ever and it felt strange.. I had no idea how to put it on my face or where to start.. Felt awkward, but I got into rhythm soon enough! Nice. Next I want to try egg white “mask”. M.E mentioned she wants to try yoghurt for hair and face.. I wannaaaa too..



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