tick tock goes the infinite… watch?

Of course the word ‘infinite’ is just putting on pressure and high expectations on this poor watch. Rest assure, it’s just a title. I didn’t know what else to title it. Titles are the bane of blogs..(for me)

I haven’t worn watches since i was.. what, fourteen? wow. I just lost the habit and the need. Always relying on my mobile. I mean, what are phones for right.. (umm, mine is mostly used for messaging since i quite dislike phonecalls. So yeah.. I message a lot. And to tell the time, duh)

IMG_4467Do you know how much of a hoarder collector i am? I am fascinated by this box. I love boxes! Any boxes. Have i told you about a particular leather luxury pen box Strange Tea gave me? I absolutely love it. Which reminds me, i must take pictures of it and put it up here on my blog just for my personal reference in the future. *shivers with  happiness* (it’s why i have a blog in the first place anyway. To document, right?) So yes. Granted, this new box is not leather (personally, i do not buy leather products.. out of principle. You know, how they torture animals for skin and stuff. I am against that. And i really should try harder for my future cosmetics too geez whats wrong with me) However, that box is free and i don’t reject free stuff. Plus it’s so pretty………. *eyes welling up* I really need to take it out and post it up here. hmm.

IMG_4468There were several colors and as you can see, i chose the white one. heh. who am i kidding. It’s a hot pink shade that is very juvenile and not at all my style. I am a closet Pinkster. I am now unveiling and un-closeting myself and declaring that i like pink. *prepares for a bout of bullets through my forehead* No really. Please shoot me.. i have yet to come to terms with this realization.. I’m taking it pretty hard. WHY DO I LIKE PINK EH? WHY?? But look! it’s so girly, exceedingly cute and fun.

IMG_4459Plus i feel like it compliments my skin tone. I hope.

Look, i’m just trying to sell to myself ok.. Just.. shh. Leave me to it.

Whatever it is, it is a WATCH.. and it tells time. That’s it’s purposeful function.

Sigh. Anyway! i have so many products to share on here… but i’m too lazy. I also want to update my hair for the upcoming festivities.. you know, i don’t wanna look like Hagrid’s little sister. I was thinking of doing soft rebonding for my hair (mmhmm. so i’ve finally succumbed to that idea) so i don’t know to be excited or apprehensive, since i have never rebonded my whole head before. I imagine it to be as torturous as dyeing your whole head (the blow dryer is agony) I have also recently entertained the idea of bleaching my hair and/or highlighting pastel colors…………………….you know why? Tumblr is my bedtime scroll-through before i sleep. 😉 They have  loads of super pretty hair pictures.. how can i not be influenced.

I’m pretty partial to blues.. obviously the pinks too.. but more to the blues.

Or maybe.. i should just wing it and go all out:

LOL. Sigh i wish.

But seriously, they look damn good. On really pale skin though sadly. *deep shuddering breath* Oh i don’t know..

P/s: Thank you Mr Softie for the watch 😀 i really like it.


Yesterday at work:

As i have mentioned before, we do have ‘declaration’ forms we require customers to fill up before they do their treatments.Then came in a non-local customer who understood VERY limited english, as i found out later. I would prefer to keep her nationality out of this entry.. and i asked her the following questions:

Me: ‘before we start, i just need to check with you if you have any of these medical conditions..?’

Customer: *super-confident face, studying the form and nodding* ‘yes.’

Me: *pause* ‘oh? you do? may i know which ones?’

Customer: ‘No.’

Me: ‘……….’

Me: ‘o….kay..’ *ticks NO option box* ‘so next one.. are you applying or consuming any of these medications? usually prescribed by doctors for skin problems..?’

Customer : *nods* ‘yes’

Me: ‘you are? which ones please?’

Customer: ‘not yet’

umm.. wtf seriously. She leaves me quizzical..and throws me off-balance. NICE JOB. It’s a new expression for me. Normally i just fluctuate between disdain, forced politeness and smiling receptionist. THIS IS A NEW ONE GUYS. i appreciate it, lady.

Me: ‘you have any allergies?’

Customer : *nods*

Me: *ticks NO option box* ‘are you pregnant?’

Customer nods again. Just to double check, i leaned over the counter and scanned her stomach for signs of pregnancy. Flat as my mother’s ironing board.

Me : ‘thank you. we can start now.’

And then there was that embarrassing incident whereby one of the other outlet managers came by to help me. It was awkward to be honest. Quite pressurizing since i’ll be forced to make small talk with customers with her around. (i hate small talk. i don’t even know what im doing here..) So i just made a stab at small talk with her, you know.. just wanted to give good vibes. This conversation was carried out while i was looking at my computer screen the whole time without looking at her.

Me: ‘heeeey.. had your lunch yet?’

her: ‘nooo not yet, busy day!’

Me: ‘wah.. no wonder  you’re so skinny..’

her: ‘no lah, where got, i so fat already..’

Me : ‘really meh,’ *casually turns my head in her direction and scans her appearance albeit in a bitchy way* ‘mmmm.. you look.. fine.’ *swiveled my head quickly back to my computer screen i might have loosened a kink in my neck*

Skinny is not the word. WHY didn’t i look properly first before greeting???? now she’ll just think i’m this insincere lil beech.


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