angst-filled entry + kitty cuteness.

Hello bunny,

Good evening. I suddenly nostalgically remembered one of my old primary school friend(s) by the name Hasina. :/ Haven’t heard from her in a raaaaiiillly raaaiilly long while. I wonder how you’re doing, where are you now, how you look like now and what you’re working as. *deep sigh* Suddenly thought about her! I hope she’s well now.

Enough melancholy.

Today, i am going to share on this blog about how much people just annoy me.

Today was probably not an excellent day. I feel fried. Heck, judging by the dark circles under my eyes, i look fried.


ooh… french fries would be good just about now..

Anyway, lets see. People.

I’m going to ramble about work and it wouldn’t make any sense so you’re free to click your heels together and just disappear.

To you, you and you (no, not you as in you. its someone else mmkay? ) :

We all have our own individual duties at work. I do mine, you do yours. ok? Simple.If you don’t like it, then quit. Nobody is forcing you to freaking work (i have mellowed as i grow older and no longer cuss on my blog. fuck that shit.) Work is work, playtime is playtime. If you think my job is so easy then BE MY GUEST and just change positions. Nobody is forcing you to look at people’s pubes all day everyday. NOBODY.

You think i just sit there staring at the computer, munching and laughing gaily with our neighbor. YOU HAVE NO IDEA.You, on the other hand, as the role of a therapist, have AMPLE TIME to watch videos, sleep, stuffing your face with food. You basically have a lot of breaks in one day. Do i? No. I do not. So i really don’t appreciate your little misguided comment which basically said that we front desks relax all day.

We have alot of phonecalls, reports, tiny duties you wouldn’t even dream existed, and most of all, my most hated part of the job ; we have customer handling. Do you think i like handling self absorbed people who hyperventilate when we tell them we can’t find their appointments? I have to deal with alot of idiotic people everyday (I didn’t know so many of them existed.. please just have a facebook group so you guys can chat together and network k), some of them funny, some of them, when you’re already so tired to the bone, you just can’t. You just give up on humanity as a whole.

We get screamed at, shouted at, sometimes for  completely NO REASON AT ALL and it amazes me what some people can do.

Some of them (foreigners) would ask me why are we so expensive and proceed to argue with us about our pricing AS IF I’M THE FREAKING CEO. No. Just no. Please have a brochure, and shoot an email to whom it may concern.

I also noticed a number of the problematic ones are pregnant women. Now, preggies, i don’t know if it’s the hormones but i just pray to god that you will treat the next service staff you meet, with courtesy and respect. They are just trying to do their jobs, please cooperate. If they require your signature on certain forms and have provided  detailed explanations on why they need the signatures, please understand it’s not we do it for fun. It’s because the company requires it and we are just doing our jobs. I don’t like you screaming at my face, frothing with fury about such a little thing. *deep resigned sigh*

I have customers who scream and point their fingers straight to my face (pah! such rudeness i have to tolerate) and being such complete asses, i just wished the therapist would wax off the pubes and stuff it in their mouths.

If you think our job is so easy. Feel free to convert. It probably is easy.


I hate these kind of conversations:

Me : ‘ok hang on, i’ll check for you.’

Customer : ‘ya. can you check.’

‘Yup, i’ll check now..’

‘Ya.. check now.’

BITCH, WHAT IS YO PROBLEM??? isn’t that what i said? that i’m freaking checking?! it’s such a little thing but i can feel a tick starting to form on my forehead when i hear this.

And then another incident that happened that was just… i dunno. It was just.. bizarre. Let me tell you a story.

It was already closing time. There was me and two other therapists at the counter with me, they were doing their own things.. When this lady from the gym next to our salon came in. She looked normal and sane and all that (by that i mean she didn’t look like a potential raving loon, because seriously i just can’t at that kind of timing you know.. it’s closing time and i just cant deal. i wanna go home) I thought she wanted to book an appointment.. however the first question that came out of her mouth was:

‘Do you have shavers?’

Sounded like a trick question didn’t it huh? So i just stood rooted and stared blankly at her, after a tick, i answered cautiously.. incase it was a trick question.

‘……no… we don’t..’

‘What about the ones you guys use?’ YEAH, LADY, WHAT ABOUT THEM? ‘do you have any?’

No fucking way. Are you asking me for freaking shavers?? for free??

‘Yes..we have, but we don’t sell them.’ *pokerface*

At this point, one of the therapists raised her head wonderingly from her notebook.

‘Do you have extras?’ DO WE LOOK LIKE CHARITY?

‘I don’t have extras..’ I MEAN, COME ON. it’s already 9pm! what you walking around at 9pm looking for shavers for?! bloodyhell.

‘yeah, well, can you check with your girls if they have any..?’ she said and proceeded to give me a filthy look. As if i’m being unhelpful and snooty for not even trying to donate a shaver to her. I CANNOT BELIEVE THE NERVE OF THIS WOMAN. Doesn’t she get it even if i have a thousand shavers stuffed in my bra and panties and they’re falling out of them, i wouldn’t give it to her because it isn’t MINE TO GIVE AWAY? what is her problem anyway?! Does she think any establishment would  give their trade tools away to complete strangers who need a shaver just because?!

why even think of coming to us anyway? i mean shavers are cheap at Watsons and Guardian right? HECK even the kedai mama* sells shavers!

*This is unfounded, i’m just saying.

The two therapists pretended not to hear the conversation and continued staring at their laptop screens, eyeballs not moving. They were listening.

Well, i guess i had to make it clear to Miss Desperate-For-A-Shave here that i can’t give her one.

‘Sorry, i’m not able to..’

‘Can’t you give me? you mean you don’t have?’ *fingers tapping impatiently on the counter* CAN PENGUINS FLY?

‘We do have, but we can’t give you any..’

‘oh,’ *rolls eyes* ‘ok’

WELL, TRIPLE EYEROLL BACK AT YOU, one from my forehead, idiotic boob.

So cheapo already still want to be so rude. Slap your face with a teapot.. i wish, and the scene would go a little something like this:

‘do you have shavers?’

‘Have some tea first..’

*takes a steaming teapot filled with tea and swings it hard in the general direction of Miss Desperate* You will hear a satisfying thunk and hear tea splashing all over her person.. then maybe an enraged wail will follow suit.

To calm her, give her one shaver.

The End.


Just for a little cuteness, i shall post some kitty photos. 🙂 to calm me.


aww look at the pink pawpads. *eyes shining with tears*






Since he recovered from his eye infection, this is the best it could look. he still scratches it sometimes and it’ll get a little bit sore, but it’s not so bad..


IMG_4058 IMG_4059 IMG_4061 IMG_4071 IMG_4072 IMG_4074 IMG_4075


Fondest love,



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