Something this way comes..


Of course, naturally i would begin with a photo of us. Long story short, we had a short brunch together today then proceeded to have a long sweaty walk at Sentosa. I dunno, but i really perspire a lot. This is something i am pretty sure people do not discuss in polite society. *BUT*, MY DEAR BUNNY, i am not polite society.

Come on, i don’t know. Is it just me or has it been ri-DUNK-ulously HAWT recently? Bloody hell.


Doesn’t he look so sweet, like  a girl? i always tell him that. I feel so manly looking at this picture. So much more manlier. I mean LOOK. he’s got freakin pink lips and i have to resort to various make up to just get pink lips.

IMG_3964He’ not big on cam-hoeing.




We also had Stickhouse!!! It’s that ice cream shop at Imbiah station at Sentosa.. I had green tea dipped in white  chocolate which was HEAVENLY. I actually wanted extra toppings but because i forgot my wallet and we’re using his money.. BUT! i am so going to go again next time and go crazy. I wanted to snap pictures of our ice creams but Mr Softie lost his patience and stopped me 😦 he said “you don’t have to take pictures.. just google and you can find already” — WHAT! hais. He would never get it. NEVUHHH. Omg, just looking at the website makes me angry. WHY IN THE WORLD did i not bring my wallet.

YOU JUST LOOK AT THIS. oh stahppit. I can’t.. spare me.

Moving on.
And below , you shall see my favourite new crop tee! it’s adorable. I actually feel like a cow wearing it because it’s black & white.




Anyway. I was just studying my face yesterday wondering why it looks a little lopsided. I mean i know i am a little….. *sniffs*.. lopsided, i mean. But why it looks especially unbalanced??? I NOW KNOW. it’s that bloody wisdom tooth growing into my left cheek. YES . growing into my cheek……… do you know how freaky that sounds? it sounds freaky. bUT YOu know what’s worse??? it feels freaky. Its painful, if i was any more wimpier than i already am (yes, i am implying that i am much stronger), i would stop eating. But you know how nothing comes between food and me.

So i’m just waiting.. and waiting.. and suffering.

I don’t know, i am terrified of  dentists. I really am.. (i guess it explains some things huh) and i can feel the silly tooth growing under the skin of my cheek. It’s not coming out from the gums! It’s crazy. Why can’t i have normal wisdom tooth like everyone else? HMM?? WHY?

Oh. and J and C wants to watch The Addams Family musical! I am very excited at the prospect. Never thought they would be. When i expressed interest about it to my sisters when the advert was showing on tv (on those rare moments that we watch tv together of course) they were expressing the exact opposite of my t-shirt today. So like i say, i am excited. Hopefully we are going. Hopefully i am having an off day on the date we chose.. OK I CHECKED. i don’t have the date that they settled on.. so BRB while i just go slit my wrists in the corner over there.

Ok2. This is such an incredibly boring post. I shall stop ok?

Before that though, ANOTHER PHOTOSPAM.


Sorry if it looks kind of blurry.. I was trying to stay quiet. He looked so sleepy and cute.



waking up blearily..

IMG_3998finally opening his eyes when he heard the Tiger (i.e my mom, for the clueless) shuffling out from her room.

IMG_3988He looks like Garfield sleeping like this!!! Sigh, i will do anything for him. anything in the world. *eyes sparkling with tears* I can’t believe we have such beautiful kitties right in this home. 🙂 Sometimes i forget they’re even CATS. Talk to them so much like a human that i forget they’re furry and four legged. Their silent companionship is comforting though. I prefer it. 🙂

IMG_3931Goodnight then 😉

Don’t let the bedbugs bite, children.


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