A short story about The Little Glutton.

Caution: This entry will contain lousy translations, but translations nonetheless. Bear with me my fluffy..

So i am already very tired and bloated and incoherent right now but i am still typing (coherently, i hope).

I was reminded of just now at work.I am often always munching on something or other at the counter (i work in a salon on reception, for anyone who has no idea) hence the blobbiness. And i was chewing happily away at this yummy layer cake. I dont even eat layer cakes on regular days, but it was given to me. My mother, (or was it somebody else’s mother.. hmm.. cant remember.. i dont recall the tiger giving away any philosophy or wisdom to us..) always advised “rezeki jangan ditolak

(Translation: Don’t push away good fortune. Dont beat me up, this  could be lost in translation.. i asked my sisters how would i translate it in english and they gave me this lousy… oh nevermind)

There i go rambling again.

So anyway, i was eating (what’s new) and then the girl from the brand next next to ours was like “ashik makan je! makan je tau..” (always eating! )

I slowly wheeled around from my swivel office  chair and turned to face her and went rather venomously:

Abeh jealous ah? kau nak ke apa?” ( then jealous? you want is it?) and shoved my layer cake under her nose until she went cross-eyed looking at it.

Aku sepak muka kau k. (slap your face k.) I get very ugly when i’m eating. Seriously. You can be sure i just swiveled back on my office chair and continued munching on *MY* cake and smiling a small triumphant smile.

-The END-

So that’s the short i was waiting to write down. She has annoyed me greatly with that one little sentence.

And then there was that other incident just now.  It was nearing closing time. I was alone at the counter waiting for this last customer who was late (as usual) for her appointment (let me tell you, all of us are customers ok? PLEASE don’t be late for your appointments can?? I wish i could give all of you latecomers a resounding slap collectively.. so my arms won’t be too tired from swinging around with gusto)

So i was just there, waiting patiently for the twerp to turn up and i just thought i actually have started to stink a little.. you know.. it’s been a long sunny day. I didn’t wear a deo so i just sort of wanted to double check if it really was me. So i looked around to check if i was truly alone (i was), and i slowly lowered my head, furtively looked around and started sniffing tentatively at my.. umm.. *embarrassed giggle* to put it coarsely, armpits.

When SUDDENLY OF COURSE my long awaited customer came in to my view from the  corner of my eyes and stood directly infront of  the counter, right infront of me while i was still rather unglam-ly sniffing away at my armpit. She looked at me critically with eyes full of judgement. -________-

I was beyond embarrassed.


I have lost all sense of feeling after that. It all happened in a split second! i was just tentatively sniffing and she just rounded the corner.. MY FAULT MEH???


You can be sure the transaction was rather awkward on my part.


It’s 2013 and i am still not a picture of grace and tranquility. WHY?? WHYYYY…

Well, goodnight then.

P/S : Mr Softie wants a small mention on the blog. Lol how cute. You are the best partner i have ever had ok? 🙂 Thank you for always being sweet, caring and tentative and managing me very well. I can’t imagine how my life would be without your companionship and love. (wah! see! all the flowery words..)

Love you ❤ You’ll be fine for July, k? Don’t worry.

IMG_3888I FEEL SO PRETTY LOOKING AT THIS PICTURE *wipes a stray tear away*. (he just looks all like… ummyeahi’mwithher *regrets*)


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