Sigh sigh sigh

I’ve been trying to upgrade my tumblr the whole day today. It was hard. I’m no technogeek, much less a webgeek. So it’s been a frustrating day. I’ve also been spending the whole day trying to find my February debit card statements because i need to verify some accounts.. and of course i have January, March, April.. but not February.

Now i’m back on tumblr (i am seriously going to flip real soon..) i just changed the bloody theme after god knows how many months (i keep reblogging stuff, ya know.. on mobile. i never really bothered how it really looked on a computer screen, but i saw it today on my screen and i just.. can’t.)

Then now i am trying to figure out what to put as the tagline for my tumblr, and of all things, i arrived on “A Dedication to the World & Nature”. I mean what the….. Now i sound like some spiritual pagan blog (No offense to any pagans out there.. y’all cool peeps)

BUT SERIOUSLY. I have lost any creativity and humor over this.

So guess what, i decided to come to wordpress tonight.. to blog. You know, talk about stuff. Like i did before. But i’m just going to do a small shallow update:

Tickets to Luge & MBS skypark few days ago.. Went with Mr Softie.

Book(s) i’m reading now:

The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict by Trenton Lee Stewart (of the series The Mysterious Benedict Society)

The Mammoth Book of Lost Symbols by Nadia Julien

a huge jump, i know.. but the latter is an interesting read, it’s a fascinating subject. Symbols, herbology & botany basically.. A whole new world! nice.

Ok! One short, sleep-inducing post served fresh for you.
Bedtime, babies. night nights


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