ooooohh paper market la la la


I don’t know what’s wrong with the Strange Tea & me.

I — have absolutely zero self control when i go into stationary shops. I think it’s chronic. I enjoy feeling that way though. Today i blew some dosh in.. well, you guessed it: Paper Market. This is wrong, you know.

Absolutely wrong.



🙂 🙂 🙂


Lookie what i brought home!

It started out as only one of the drawer only. I swear i just wanted to buy one.. just to keep my stamp collection in. (oh my god. you wont believe this. I can officially call it a collection.. It’s growing now! i didn’t take a pic of all of them together, bah, i totally forgot, was too busy arranging & re-arranging stuff to put in my glorious new.. eeeekk!! so fab, cant stand it.)

I love the drawer because it reminds me of the old library card catalog cabinets.. I *LOVE* those.. completely obsessed.. and when i saw this (‘these’, rather..) i knew i had to have at least one. And then i will label it and everything…

The ST had become a member of Paper Market (it benefits me as well, obviously) the last time we went there.. so I knew i would get discount(s).. Actually i only picked up a few rubber stamps..





‘A few’ rubber stamps.. but i ended up with.. that. A few should be just one pair.. (they came in pairs). It shouldn’t have even BEEN ‘A few’. It should’ve been just ONE! Which was the ‘mail’ stamp which i picked FIRST.


But i started obsessing over the others..i Knew i needed them. I knew they’d be extremely gorgeous as borders for some pretty stiff paper, yellowed page journals.. the works. They’d be great for handmade cards, or letter-writing. I mean just freaking look at them!


On the right, you’re looking at a beautiful Rolex/royal green ink pad.. It’s the most stunning colour i have ever seen. I love that green.. I will get a gold ink pad to go with that green.The picture of course doesn’t do any justice. It’s hopeless, i can’t explain it to you. I guess you’ll just have to come round and i show you… on second thoughts..


Look at the polka dotted one! Oh shite. forgot to take a pic of it already stamped on paper. TSK. but it’s soooo prreeeedy!


The roses one is so pretty too.. and i expecially LOVED the stripes one.



This is to fit in with my mail stamp set.. goes so bloody well together don’t they? the wooden drawer, the rubber stamps, the metal case..

So anyway, how i ended up buying ALL of their stock of drawers is because it was on 40%! SHITTY. I did want all but don’t be ridiculous.. do you know how much i’d be paying if it were regular priced? Not until i was at the counter paying until the lady said it’s 40% & she was psycho-ing me to get one more.. or all.. and i was just like.. “can i have them all? both the small ones.. and the big one too..”

I mean I NEED THESE DRAWERS. who doesn’t ?!



And then i also got this vintage mail stamp-like stickers! so cute. HAD to have them.

So happy..

but i should be saving money. 😦 Is there some way i can make more money doing these things? tsk.

OOOOOh.. Adventure Cove on sunday! so excited… whee!



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