Just some pictures.

Just thought i’d place some pictures in.

These are from last Saturday.




Here’s the little lippie mark. He actually likes walking around like that. Hmmmm… I guess this Sephora lipstain isn’t as stay-on  as i had hoped. =/



I actually got home that night to take some photos. Not sure why i was playing with my hair a lot.
Anyhoo! I am going to Carousel for the first time in my life tomorrow with JAC! for lunch! So excited! I’ve never been there before, it’s this buffet restaurant that is rather pricey, but I’M GOING! whee.

Yeah, just wanted to make a short one. IMG_1494


Lookie here at Loomie! our pretty basement kitty. Now, i know basement kitties are usually black cats (according to iCanHasCheezburger), but she’s actually a black cat at heart. If we had a basement, she’d be the resident there. She hardly comes out. But look how pretty she is. ^^ Such a photogenic.

Ok bai.

P/s: i watched Sucker Punch online today, is it just me or was it rather depressing & misogynistic? =/ Felt so sorry for Baby Doll.. And i find Lobotomy really disturbing, and i looked it up & read up how the procedure was done and i am very, very disturbed but so gripped by what i was reading. I don’t fully understand it yet, although i mildly get that it’s usually for people with mental health issues, to sort of “calm” them or result in drastic behavioral changes in a psychotic patient. Although the procedure actually involves damaging part of your brain, i don’t know if that’s natural (or humane). If a person actually starts “blanking” you out and have decreased responsiveness, even if she was a crazy, I think i’d rather die than have a fucking metal inserted up my eye. But that’s the thing, i think mental hospitals back in the days were just very dodgy & cruel & abusive.. even now possibly, it’s really sad, and i really sympathize and pray for these people who just happens to have opened different “doors” of the mind and are in a different world altogether. It’s not their fault.

But the practice has been stopped (mostly) Thank god. I thought it’s quite cruel. I mean most modern therapies now would surely work, no? I just can’t get over the fact that they actually insert something up your eye to reach the front part of the brain to scrape whatever-the-fuck it is they scrape off.

Back to Sucker Punch, nice visuals though, and i like the costumes, skimpy as they are.. The fighting scenes were *quite* weak for me, but the elements in each “fantasy” was nice! One of it was steampunk! i am very fascinated by steampunk and have been reading it up online.. and i really want that book, where they compiled all the steampunk stories into one volume. Like i really, *REALLY* want it. Maybe i’ll go get it tomorrow. Better look up the title first. Wouldn’t want my friends to keep trailing behind me aimlessly.

Ah, sorry for the ramble.. I’ll go to bed now.


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